Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday morning drama and the lessons learned

Hello everyone, I just had a little public service announcement to share.

This morning, Salty was making me breakfast, bless his heart. He had the coffee and bacon all ready and was making grits and eggs. The grits, he realized after pouring them in the boiling water had lots of little black specks in them and the specks were actually moving.

Infested with little, itty bitty, tiny piss ants. Yuck! (although, I have had several little incidents in the ant eating department, and they actually aren't that bad.)
Lesson # 1: when closing your grits to store in the cupboard, make sure you close the Tupperware lid tight!

So, that pan got dumped down the drain and Salty put another pot of water on for the next batch of instant grits. Instead of heating up the front burner of our glasstop range, he accidentally heated up the back burner.
Unfortunately, there was a Pyrex glass cake dish on the back burner which heated up rather quickly.

I was in the den and heard an enormous explosion of glass. I thought the glass top stove exploded and ran to make sure that Salty was safe. (seriously, I was worried about Salty, not the stove)

What happened was: after he realized his burner choice error, he turned off the burner. A few minutes later, the Pyrex dish exploded into 32 million pieces.

Lesson # 2: DO NOT under any circumstances heat Pyrex baking dishes on top of your glasstop stoves or any direct heating sources.
Read here for more information from consumer affairs.

This has been a Binks public service announcement (and thank goodness, no one was hurt).

Excuse me, I have some glassware to dispose of.


  1. That happened to me 4 years ago, you aren't kidding about 32 million pieces! Mine had salmon in it, so you can imagine...
    Hoping Salty's okay??

  2. Grits with ants will never replace grits and shrimp on restaurant menus.

  3. OMG,I'm glad no one got hurt by the glass, but I am FREAKING out about ants in grits. And just grits in general. It's been a long time since my South Carolina days in college!!!

  4. What, exactly, are grits? I've heard of them but always wondered what they were.

    you'll probably be finding little pieces of glass now for months!


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