Monday, January 19, 2009

Interview ME

Lisa from Adventures in Jujuboo had this interview and in the interest of becoming less sarcastic and more human but hopefully less pessimistic and still sort of humorous (is that even possible?) I agreed to be interviewed.

If you want to play along, leave a comment saying 'Interview ME' and I will email you 5 questions. Or, send me an email to cbink90 (at)gmail (dot) com.

Here are the questions that Lisa asked:

Question #1: Lets pretend I am a tourist to Ft. Lauderdale. Besides, the beach, where is the one place I MUST go visit while I am in your town.
Well, Lisa, that is a very good question. It all depends exactly what kind of person you are. Lots of people visit just to go to Sawgrass Mills Mall. Personally, I HATE shopping there, but if you are a designer name type of person, I suppose there are great bargains to be had. If you like to party, drink and gamble, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is lots of fun or South Beach is crazy and fun with a lot of characters. If you are a nature lover, Sawgrass Recreation Park to take an airboat ride and see the Everglades is a must. There is also Fern Forest Nature Trail. There are also the obligatory museums and historical places to see. (I highly recommend the airboat ride, if you've never been on one or seen an alligator up close, it will be quite the experience.)

Question #2: I love nicknames and I love to find out the meanings behind them and how people got them. So, how is the world did you get the nickname Binks and why do you call Salty, Salty?
Binks comes from my last name and it all started in high school by one of the surfer dudes we hung out with. I wish I could say Salty got his name due to his personality (I guess you could say he is a little Salty), but it is a twist on his last name too.

Question #3: I am obsessed with 80s music. I simply cannot get enough of that stuff! What song from that era holds the most significance or brings back the best memory for you? Tell me the song and the reason.
I would have to say Keep on Loving You from REO Speedwagon. I had an 8 track tape in my Pinto (exploding model, if anyone remembers) and only had 2 cartridges - "Hi Infidelity" and Led Zeppelin IV. Since I was the only one of my friends to actually have a car, I did all the driving. So, needless to say, we heard those 2 albums A LOT! Hearing that song always brings me back to 1981, going surfing and hanging out with my friends, MTV (when they actually played music videos). I am sure, at the time, I was singing it to my crush of the moment, Bill.
Unfortunately, whenever I hear this song, I can't get it out of my head for weeks!

Question #4: I agree with you in that the southern Florida area is like paradise. Always warm and sunny (except this past week- cold, cold, and cold). It is hard to come up with somewhere to vacation when you already live in paradise. But, where in the world would you love to spend a vacation?
I would love to see Ireland in the spring or summer. My boss & his wife are Irish and go all the time. It looks fabulous. I am partial to Savannah (were I got married), London, Italy and Vancouver, too. Summer vacationing preferred. (Everyone knows how much I dislike being cold.)

Question #5: I am dreading the day I wake up and my adorable 7 and 9-year-old daughters are 14 and 16. What is the hardest thing about raising a teenager? Is it easier or harder than you thought it was going to be.
The hardest thing about teenagers is the desire to smack the crap out of them for their sassy mouths. It was harder than I anticipated. I thought my sweet, quiet, loving son was going to be such an easy teenager, but turned into quite an a$$. I am only praying that he finds his way and doesn't languish like his father (not Salty).

Thanks Lisa for not making me cry.
That was not too painful.
See everyone, I really am normal.
Well, some of the time......


  1. Well done, I enjoyed reading this.Interview me! I have only today managed to post the letter game, but count me in on this one too.

  2. Oh god. I will probably murder my girls when they become teenagers the way their mouths are already 'way too sassy'. Lord help me. And them.

  3. Excellent interview. And yes, it does take some patience to raise a teenager, doesn't it?

  4. Great interview. I hate the Sawgrass mall too.

  5. I love this! Interview me!!! I already you were really cool, but now that I know you droeve a pinto, I love you even more. (I drove a Mercury Bobcat)Same damn thing.


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