Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Interview HER and then we're Lost

Remember that InterviewME from the other day?

Well, Jill and Laetitia have agreed to the punishment interview.
Just kidding, they are very serious interviews with the questions that you all want to know.

And, since I have no post today, you must go read the super cool interview with JILL.
I have some mad interview skilz, right???

And, can I just say, you won't be seeing much of me tonight, either.

Anyone else as addicted as I am??


  1. I saw Jills blog post you rocked the q's...oh and I am so addicted to LOST i made mr gp aka NOT sawyer a mask( a sawyer mask-we r taking role playin to a whole nother level) to wear tonight....i mean i can not watch lost with just any ol man geesh

    can NOt wait to hear your thoughts tomorrow on the show!!!!!

  2. I'll be watching.

    I wanna be interviewed! I'm co-dependent on Jill! LOL...

  3. Those questions were hard! But THINKING of questions is a million times harder. My interview-ees HATE me now. heh heh

  4. Would you believe I watched it for the first time last night?! I was glad they had the pre-show thing where they told about each character and stuff or I'd have been completely "lost"!!! I'm still confused but completely loving it!
    Now to rent all 5 years worth of shows and have a year long marathon so I can attempt to catch up LOL

  5. I had to tape it because of family commitments. I hate commitments.

  6. Mad skillz indeed. And no, I am not addicted. Don't watch it at all.

  7. My wife and I watched the first half and then I realized she fell asleep.

    Which means I'll have to rewind and rewatch all the time travel shit a second time.

    Or is it third? Or first?

    I didn't write this yet. Yes I did.

    See my confusion?

    I wanna be in an Evangeline Lily and the chick who plays Sun sandwich.

    Just throwing that out there.

  8. I LOVE LOST!!!!!!!! However, I MISSED it. Won't they show it again this weekend????

  9. I totally TRIED the Lost thing last year, but I became too LOST trying to figure out what the HELL was going on!!!! My sister and mom are addicted.

  10. I don't watch Lost. I do feel that way about 24 though.


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