Saturday, January 24, 2009


Well, with all the good tidings, prayers, and waves of goodbye, we landing safely in Chicago.
Can I just say it is farking COLD!!! Twenty eight degrees today.
I know, some of you live in this (or colder) all the time, but seriously, how the hell do you do it?
If I had to remove my coat, scarf and gloves one more time, I was gonna scream!
And what is up with the heat being on so hot that it feels like I went from the freezer straight into hell? No wonder you people are always sick.
Hot - cold - hot - cold - cold - colder -farking frozen.

I am sooooooo looking forward to tomorrow's high of 11.
I think I'll stay in and take a massage.
But, please, oh please, can I have some Sawyer look-a-like to rub my back?
With my luck, I'll get a "Susan" massage creep.


Tonight we had a nice dinner at a strange little latin fusion type restaurant and it was very hip and cool. It had some strange marionette art on the wall.
Oh, I wish I had my camera.
It was very, very strange.

And then..... we saw........ ♪WICKED♫!
I ♥ heart ♥ me some Wicked.
I think I may even "puffy heart" it.
(puffy heart is a trademark of Candid Carrie)

Missed you, my BBFF, Shelle!

So goodnight peeps, I've got to get my sleep.
I've got some freezing to do tomorrow.


  1. Silly, you have to keep your coat on to stay warm!

  2. Have a great time, stay warm and I'm so jealous that you saw WICKED!

  3. Holy reminder of my molestation experience! Only allow female body touchers. Believe me. And as for the cold temperatures, that's why so many of us northerners are miserable and depressed. It's unnacceptable. Really!!! PS...I have yet to see Wicked. I am so jealous.

  4. Yeah, it's about 11 here today in Pennsylvania. I guess you just get used to it. Have a great time staying in while your there : )

  5. Aw, my baby is in Chicago til Weds. He's staying right on Lakeshore Drive overlooking the lake. He said it's FREEZING.

  6. I would so love to see Wicked. I'm living through you right now.

  7. I have no clue what Wicked is, but I can DO wicked real well.
    Sorry your cold, that's why I moved South.

  8. So did you DID love Wicked!!! Isn't it the best??? How was the theatre? Old nice or just plain old? I want to see it there so bad! I'm SOOOOO bummed we couldn't make it...

    But then I saw your post this morning about the freezing cold...maybe I'm just a TAD bit okay with not doing THAT...FREEZING my butt off!

    But you look GREAT!!!


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