Monday, January 26, 2009


I am still in Chicago and wanted to share a few pix of me freezing my butt off.
Don't laugh, this is so cold to my Florida blood.
(I can still hear you)

In front of the Water Tower Bldg.

In front of the John Hancock building

See you all soon!


  1. My son is staying at a condo two blocks from the Hancock building, right on Lakeshore Drive. You could have stopped in and gotten warm! LOL

  2. brrrrrrr i was cold just looking at the pics oh and I giggled a lil too

  3. I am lmao because this is how I live every day in Wisconsin! We're under a wind chill advisory today. It was -8 when I went to work this morning girl! Welcome to my world!!!

  4. Holy shit I'm cold just looking at you.

  5. I feel for you!!! It was -6 here in Upstate NY... I HATE IT with passion. Good luck and stay inside! Or at least stay drunk - you won't feel it as much. ;)

  6. Oh, you poor dear! And you know that I'm NOT being sarcastic. Stay warm and I'll hold down the fort in the Sunshine State.

  7. I totally understand the sentiment. I don't do cold. That's why I live in a "hot" state, too.


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