Friday, January 16, 2009

Another visit to Paradise

It seems like everywhere there is a freeze, a blizzard or the wind chill is about 80 below. So, just imagine that you went to lunch with us the other day. Although the beach was super crowded with tourists (notice the out of state plates), it was really a great day, so I didn't mind the traffic so much. With all the extra hours we're putting in, it was nice to break away and enjoy a few hours of the day.
Even the Goodyear blimp was out for a spin.

And what is a day like that without some frozen tropical rum type drink?

Some days I am thankful for my Florida winter.

This was Fun Foto Finish Friday with your host, fabulously, funny, Candid Carrie.

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  1. The tropical rum drinks are the smooth. Sippin on a Crown & diet now, probably my fav!

    Please check out my new daily gif blog if you have a chance & give feedback.

  2. It's hard not to appreciate great Florida weather at this time of year. I enjoy the bit of coolness we're having now too. But I think we are a bit north of where you are.

  3. O.k. I want to be happy for you, but I am sitting in -30 here. I am green with envy and blue with cold.

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful weather... :D

  4. I was in Florida around this time last year to escape 5 degree weather. I so wish it was now because it's lots colder at -20. I so hope it warms up before you get here

  5. I am sooooo envious and looking at those pix warmed me up a lil bit!!!

  6. Ok I'm freezing my ass off here with 50 below wind chill factor and you want my to fantasize? Please If I'm gonna do that put some half naked men in it to warm me up!

  7. I'm not sitting in as cold a spot as some of the previous posters. It is at least 40 here today. Might hit 50. But I am envious of your Florida winters.

  8. I am so jealous! As I sit here in my house avoiding the 28 degree morning in Texas!

  9. The weather is perfect here too!! Now, off to get a rum drink *cheers*

  10. I would LOVE florida winters relaxing and SUNNY!!!

  11. *getting in car and heading south*
    Um, what's your address?

  12. Hard for me to even type, my fingers are so cold.... It's been 9 degrees here all day. I hate PA right now...

  13. I'll join you for that lovely drink. Be right down - if I can thaw out the car.

  14. Oh, we shoveled slush out of our driveway just like that. But not red. And not alcohol. And not fun.

    We have a Florida Avenue in our city but it is cold there, too.

    Thanks for joining in today.



  15. That drink looks so good and so does the beach. We haven't been as cold as some, but it was a cutting cold. It is warming up today and feels good except for the wind. What kind of drink is that? Looks so good and Oh how I would love to be on the beach in Florida, where I have never been.


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