Thursday, December 18, 2008


So, Shelle at Blok Thoughts gave me the heads up that I was a finalist in her "Don't You Hate It When" Contest.
Finally, all my hard work paid off.
Well, it hasn't paid up yet but.......

I got right on the horn and asked begged for votes. Everyone in my contact list got an email. So, I apologize in advance to my physician, plumber, 85 year old aunt, and anyone else that has no clue what the hell a blog is.

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that voted and supported me. I feel like the popular girl at homecoming about to be voted homecoming queen.

Susan from Life Is Too Short Not to Share even wrote a whole post just about supporting me and asking all her peeps to vote for me.
Thanks Susan, that was freaking amazing! For that, Susan gets extra brownie points from me. BTW, she is freaking hilarious and if you love total honesty with a flair for the swear, she is definitely your gal.

But, I had to thank everyone else from Cat, Webber, Cab, Babs, Barbs (those non-blogger buds) to (in no particular order)
Lisa - Jujuboo
Soxy Deb from Postcards
Debbie at Suburb Sanity
Tiffany from Serendipity.
and they were the ones that emailed my to let me know of their support.
Thanks to everyone else at work and bloggyland for all your help. I will update tomorrow to see how it all goes down.

Just a note, if you are not visiting these very talented writers, they all come very highly recommended by me.

It is now 3:14 and my day must end. Thanks again!


  1. You're sweet. I'm heading over to Shelle's to see how the standings are... I'm nervous to check but YOU MUST WIN. Hey, stingy email girl says no problem: and yes, that's real. Just hubs name for our home accout. Thanks for the shout out!

  2. Ok...we still have til 5pm. I'm not kiddin' - I'm sending an email to some friends who know nothin' bout bloggin'...but I can beg too. And ps, this gives me something else to do vs. getting to work. Perfect.

  3. How come I can't vote again? It's a new day!! I thought I would be able to vote once a day?? Well shit! THat's just wrong. I wanna speak to management.

    Thanks for the shout out Binks. I am heading back over to Shelle's to see what the problem is.

  4. I am with Deb! I must stuff the ballot box.

  5. I tried to vote again today but I can't. I can only CHANGE my vote but why would I want to do that???

    I'm glad Deb is checking into it!

  6. Just a new reader passing thru via Debbie @ Suburb Sanity.
    I'll head on over and cast a vote for you too.What the heck.

  7. Now I am not saying I have tried to vote twice in matters such as this, but why does it kick me out every time?


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