Thursday, December 18, 2008

Secret Santa Arrives!

My Secret Santa finally came in the mail today! YAY!!!

The postman came in to the office to deliver the mail (which he never does because our mailbox is down the street).

I tore open the box and here is what I found.


A really cute butterfly garland (which I will put on the pre-lit 2' tree that I finally buy to put on my kitchen counter (the only place there is not some sort of wood/paint can/tool/box/furniture).
Some peppermint chocolate - YUMMY!
There was also some winter vanilla body butter that smells divine! And a whole package of incense - perfect for out bellydance sessions.

Thanks so much Mariah, I know it must have been tough to get this all together with all the turmoil & drama that you deal with in your life.

I especially want to thank Georgie and Georgie and Amy Bo Bamey for pulling the whole thing off. Thanks guys! You Rock!


  1. Cool gifts! I love the butterfly garland! Do post a picture of the tree with it when you get it up.

  2. Awesome, got the package! lol!

    Looks like you got hooked up!

    And I love the post below thanking all of your peeps! :)

  3. I wish I had a Secret Santa, how cool! I voted for you as well, and am anxious to see the results. I hope you win!

  4. awwww you got some cute itmes so glad your SSS gift arrived i just love seeing what everyone got

  5. Cute gifts. I am so doing this next year.

  6. Bogus! Sorry to say but that was a bogus bunch-o-crap. I hope the person re-gifted all that stuff and didn't actually go out and purchase it all. Junk, complete junk. You guys must stop being "so nice" and say it like it is! OR perhaps you had a $10 limit....

  7. Wow cat I actually went out and bought the butterfly garland in the rain while I had visitors and we had to walk. The garland is actually really cute with little miniature feathers. Plus it comes from a swanky store in Santa Monica on Montana ave. Google search it moron. And WHO doesn't like insense.

    Binks- Sorry I was late I really do hope you like the gifts, and feel free to do a belly dancing video anytime

  8. YOU were my SS??? OMG! You got me hot cheetos I love you for that and the chocolate for grandma and everything! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! You totally rock, and did you know I liked lemon candy? HOW did you know? AND YOUR SWEET POEM! I could cry. I will post it over the weekend

  9. Mariah, just b/c it was bought @ a "swanky" store does not make it a wonderful gift.
    AND B/T/W Binks HATES insense....
    Better luck next time, regifter.


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