Saturday, November 15, 2008

What happens in Vegas.......

..... is just plain strange.

If you've never experienced the craziness here, I prepared a little preview for your viewing pleasure.

I know people go to Vegas to get married, but people really go to get married.
On Saturday alone, I saw at least 10 brides and grooms walking the streets in all their wedding finery. These are just a few I got.

And where else would you expect to see a slot machine graveyard in a parking garage?

Or a rodeo convention with bulls at a swanky hotel?

IF Pioneer Woman can post pictures of bulls, why can't I?

And twenty million flashing, twinkly and blaring lights.

Even Mickey D's is in on the action.

Overall, I found everything to be a little too bright, a little too loud, way too smokey (sorry all you smokers out there - but I had to wash all my clothes because my luggage smelled like an ashtray) and extremely overwhelming.

And unless you LOVE Chris Angel, I would skip that show.
Not recommended.

And leave your 18 year old at home or you may experience this.


  1. Loving reading about your Vegas experience!!

  2. I've never been to Vegas. Sounds interesting to say the least

  3. OMG!!! However, I love that we can make this trip with you!!!!!!!

  4. hahahaha...Loved the bull, that is too funny! And your boy...he's crazy, that just can't feel good! :)

    Like I said, x-girlfriend ripping it out could happen!

  5. I love vegas. I love the ding ding ding of the slot machines and the activities and the lights and and and... I even found a hundred dollar bill in the phone book in our hotel room once.

    So cool that you met a blogger friend, too!

  6. Wow, looks like you had a great time in Vegas, and to get to meet shelle, that's a major bonus! Then to top it all, you got to meet a relative, just great!

  7. I've never had the pleasure, but I'm sure I would feel the same. Too loud, too smokey. And when I left my 17.5 year old home for a week he ended up busting head and getting stitches. I win (lol).


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