Friday, November 14, 2008

Las Vegas - take two

As most of you know, I went to Las Vegas. And while I was twittering or IMing or something, I mentioned that fact.

Shelle at Blok Thoughts replied that she lived near by. (who knew?)

Since we've been chatting and such for many months and since she was my first real bloggy friend, we agreed to a meeting.

I was soooo excited.
My husband, of course, thought I had lost my mind. Why would I want to meet and hang out with someone I didn't know? He just doesn't "get" it.

Thankfully he was tied up in meetings and a business dinner one night and I had the perfect opportunity to plan to meet Shelle and hang out.

She and her husband MSM (and that is such a true description) drove down to Vegas. (Thanks so much for that, you crazy kids)

People - she is just like her blog.
Funny & sweet & cute with a little zany thrown in for good measure. We walked what seemed to be 30 miles to another casino to have dinner. We laughed and talked like the old friends that we are.
She and her Mountain Sport Man totally charmed the pants off of my sister and I. (don't get thinking anything kinky, just an expression. We all kept our pants on the entire time!)

After dinner, we took a taxi (I insisted) back to our hotel and Shelle and MSM met Salty. Even though he was gambling and had way too many cocktails for the evening, he was able to see that those two were not some bloggy serial killers but nice, normal folks.

Even though Shelle may not know a green bean from asparagus, I know I made a real friend that night and look forward to our next meeting.

If you haven't read her version of our meeting, you can read all about it here . (and you really should be reading her, she is amazing!)


  1. It's amazing how many nice normal folks are out there ~ as opposed to the bloggy serial killers ya know :)

    How fun to meet her IRL!

  2. That's really cool to have met a bloggy friend! Sounds like it was a good time

  3. HOLY cow that picture of You and I is look so good! :)

    I love that you put in the Green Beans and Asparagus LOL I'm such a retard!

    But thanks for all the nice things sad...but I'd have to say DITTO on charming our pants guys were so much fun! :)

    Thanks for being such a good friend and for giving us a chance to meet! :)

  4. That is so cool! Glad it went well and she ended up being just what you thought she'd be. I'm meeting a blogging friend next weekend in NYC and I really hope it turns out as good as yours!


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