Friday, November 14, 2008

Strange happenings in Las Vegas

First and foremost, I must admit. I am a total slacker.
A procrastinator. It's pathetic.

A vacation followed by a whirlwind week packed full, followed by a girl's weekend, and I am about to go insane.
It's not that I didn't miss you, I did. But, hey, I'm back. Just in time to pack up and go away for the weekend.

But now, I am so overwhelmed, I don't know where to start.

(I know Cat - "Quit your whining" - I hear you)

So, here we go.........

I really wanted to tell lots of fun stories of drunken parties and torrid happenings.
Things that happen in Vegas, stay in Vegas stories.
Vegas Virgin stories of hedonism and debauchery.

Damn, all I got was lots of strange people, blisters, and an empty wallet.
(I should've listened about those money sucking slots)

I do however, have a few interesting stories.

When we arrived in LV and finally got to the hotel (New York, New York) there was a line a mile long to check in, so we planted Salty and Cab in the line and my sister and I went to explore. It's been a long time since Barbs (as Shelle has decided to call her)has been near a casino so I went to show her the all new electronic, non coin dropping variety that line the entire floor of the hotel lobby/casino. It sucked in her dollars and spit out a little receipt.
Her's said $8 from her initial dollar bill. Mine was being bitchy and never gave me a receipt. Perhaps it was the fact that my machine was far hungrier.
I digress.
The hotel check in line - that's where we are going.

Here is Barbs winning!

So Barbs and I join the boys at the front desk where they've finally scored a clerk.

I said to Cab, "Doesn't she (the clerk) look like Momo? (his paternal grandmother) He nods. She does sort of look like his grandmother.
I then told him his great aunt Deborah lives in Las Vegas and wouln't be funny if that was her.

Nah, what are the chances?

Las Vegas is a big place. I don't even know where she works or even if she works.

Cab has never met her and the last time I saw her was over 20 years ago.

Funny, the clerks name is Debbie.

What a coincidence.

I tell Cab to ask her what her maiden name is. He, of course, refuses.
He can act like a complete and utter idiot at all times, but is embarrassed to ask a hotel clerk her maiden name, go figure.

Of course, there is a problem with the reservation, and we are trying to lighten up Salty's mood, which is heading south fast. Joking with the clerk and asking questions about Vegas and the hotel. Then, I notice the little letters underneath Debbie's name tag. You know, how they put where you're originally from?

Seguin, TX. (Where the Momo was from).

Ok, too much of a coincidence now.

I ask her, "Does that say you are from Seguin?"

"yes, why?"

"You are really from Seguin? Is your maiden name Villanova?"

"yes, how did you know?"

"this is Momo's grandson and your cousin(he who shall not be named)'s son, Cab"

"NO WAY!!!"

Of course, then I rattle off the names of her 12 brothers and sisters and she finally believes me.

So, story number one:
We travel for the first time. 2,600 miles, to Sin City (pop. 538,653 - 30% hispanic) where there are 39 million visitors per year and hundreds of hotels and the clerk that checks us into our hotel is related to my son.

Too bad we couldn't play those odds.


  1. What are the frickin chances of that. :)

  2. Just goes to show it really is a small world....I hope you got a room upgrade ;-)

  3. It's a small world after all....
    It's a small world after all....

    Oh. Never mind. You went to Vegas, not Disney Land.

    Now that song is stuck in my head.

    Seriously, that's a pretty cool way to meet a great auntie!

  4. Seriously, what WOULD the odds be of something like that? That's crazy!!

  5. See I believe we are always right where we are supposed to be. Weird ha?

  6. Too weird!!! I love it when freaky things like that happen. I am with Georgie, did you get the upgrade?!

  7. LOL...seriously, that would only happen to you!!! What a crazy beginning to your VEGAS trip! :)

    Oh was SO much fun meeting you and Barbs...we are forever bonded now...and MSM and I are definitely considering meeting up with your guys in CHicago for WICKED!!!

    Oh and about the lip piercing...for a guy that's 18 years old...if that's the worse he did...I say just pray it gets ripped out by a jealous girlfriend and he learns the hard way that being "IN" sometimes hurts! :) lol...I'm actually clueless, some therapist I am huh?

  8. That is absolutely amazing! What a coincidence.

  9. My hub and I just made travel plans to head to Vegas for New Years Eve. I can not wait! Win or lose, we can drink, sleep in, and not have to face the kiddies each morning for 5 days straight. Wow. It sounds even more amazing as I type the words.

  10. omg. that is SUCH a strange thing. i love shit like that. :-)

  11. omg. that is SUCH a strange thing. i love shit like that. :-)


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