Monday, November 17, 2008

Busy,Busy, Busy

This past week has been a whirlwind.
After getting back from Vegas late Monday night (and trying to get through at least some of my 120+ Reader list) and working Tuesday (I went in LATE due to jet lag but was really trying to whittle down that damn list).

Tuesday night I was too tired for dance class (4 hours of sleep and 5 days of non-stop walking will do that to a person) and Amina asked if I wanted to go see a Lord of the Dance type show. Sure, she had extra tickets and all I had to do was sit, right? The show was called Celtic Thunder and there was nary an Irish dancer in sight. (and if nary gives you the impression that there were dancers of any kind, you would be wrong. )
Wednesday night was Italian class.
Thursday, Amina and I went to see Tran-siberian Orchestra . Boths shows were good, but not necessarily my cup of tea. What do you want for free tickets?

Friday was packing up for our girls' weekend to Orlando.

Needless to say, my Reader is now about 125 and I am just returning from our girl's weekend.
Sorry if I missed some of your posts, my phone reader and the computer reader are not on speaking terms right now and I think a few things got lost. Working on a weekend report.

Stay turned......


  1. Las Vegas and now girls weekend in Orlando. My god I want your life...

  2. Las Vegas and now girls weekend in Orlando. My god I want your life...

  3. Can you tell how BAD I want your life? I was so excited I had to say it twice? Can you say "dumbass"? Sorry!

  4. LOL...okay, I'm wondering what you did for girls weekend... and CELTIC THUNDER sounds like

    THUNDER DOWN UNDER??? Similar show?

  5. hi, nice blog here..
    you have posted amazing thing here

  6. I'm taking out Susan, cause I"M the one who wants your life.

  7. Dear Miss Social Butterfly,

    take me with you. I could even deal with a trip to the non-dancing non-Irish Thunder Thing.


    Ineeda Vacation


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