Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Where the heck did that wind come from and other randomness

So, remember a really long time ago when I said that one of the reasons that I started this thing was to keep myself busy when I couldn't sleep at night?

Now you know where I've been.


I've been so busy at work and feeling kinda ho-hum and the new TV season started. I wish I could say that we are working on the house, but it is still no mans land downstairs. (Can anyone say "disaster"?)
Plus I have had 2 giant zits on my nose, and I just can't bear for you to see my like that.

I just woke up at 2 am from a long evening nap. So, because I am semi -delirious, this is going to be random with the hope of actually having a point.

The wind was blowing so hard today, it was buffeting the car all across the highway. It was haard to stay in the right correct lane. Not sure if that means there is a hurricane coming or a cold front.
That seems like such a funny saying here. A cold front - like it is going to be any cooler than 80 degrees any time in the near future.

I downloaded a voice recorder app for the phone because, I thought it would be so easy to just talk into the phone all the ideas that are jumbled up in my head and the bring it back and just type it all down. With all my clever little comments and notations . I am continually "writing" and "editing" posts in my head all day long. This would be an easy way to "capture" that craziness.
Guess what? I tried that. And got stage fright.
Audience of one?
It appears, my dear bloggy friends, that I cannot even talk to myself!!!!! I get all nervous and the uuummms and stuttering begin. I should post one of those here. It might be good for a laugh. Do you think I should go into rehearsals???

Monday I went to my first dance class in a long time. (and if you saw the size of my gut and rear, you could guess exactly how long it has been)
Hey, that may be another reason that I am so tired. The teacher had us stretching and twisting and bending (all that I am used to doing is sitting, typing, sleeping) so it was pretty rough. At one point she was like, "bend over and touch the floor, now, keep your knees straight and touch your head to your knees".
Ummm, lady...... when I bend over, and try to touch my head to my knees, my stomach sort of gets in the way. But I can touch my stomach to my thighs, does that count??? But it is BELLY dance, so a big fat, gelatinous, belly should be a good thing, right?

Not so much.

But I took a picture of the teacher (even though she is a slave driver) because she is just so pretty. I wish I could look like that when I am in my mid-forties. (oh wait....)

It is a little blurry because she was dancing around.

But in all reality, I support her because she is my friend. My pretty, skinny, crazy with the dance skilz, friend. And if anyone is interested in totally embarrassing yourself working out, and lives in the Davie/Hollywood/ Pembroke Pines area, drop me a line and I can give you the info. Oh, and she totally does parties and events and stuff. (blatant advertising) Thanks for the photo Amina I know you wouldn't mind me snatching it for some totally free publicity. (can I get a free dance lesson? I do have 12 whole readers)

I totally say "totally" totally too much. Do you guys mind? Does it totally drive you mad? Do I totally sound like a valley girl? Is there even such a thing anymore? Dude..... totally.

Captain Stinkypants was back in the office today. (and no, that is not a small child with a dirty diaper - it is a grown man that obviously never heard the word cologne or deodorant). He is nasally challenged.
He was all getting all up close and personal with my assistant- leaning in. Armpit just about level with all olfactory senses. I walked by and about fainted. Whooo-eeee! I am thanking the gods that I have my own office. I could see her eyes watering.
When he left, I rushed right out to share my magic "vacation" lotion.
dum da da dum - Binks to the rescue.

Now it is 3:45 am and the Saltmeister is complaining about how my typing is waking him up and what the hell am I doing up a 3:30 blogging and no wonder I can't get up in the morning. But my blog reader is full of posts and I miss all my bloggy friends and *yawn* I better go - ciao.

Before I go, I just wanted to give an extra special shout out to all those Leif Garrett fan club members. You know who you are.
I was made for dancing, a-a-a-all night long.......... (oh, I crack myself up)


  1. Okay, I totally (to quote you) have a HUGE zit on my nose too... you can come sit down beside me and we can wallow in our zit sorrows and sing Leif songs aaaallll night long.
    OMG we have a guy that works at the shelter that has B.O. issues, no wait, he doesn't have the issues because he doesn't seem to notice how bad he smells, it's AWFUL!!!!!! But I think his is a health problem or something, not that that makes it any easier to deal with.

  2. I just love the bit about your assistant's eyes watering.

    Good job you get to wake up at night to blog cos you really make my day (show this to hubby) :)

  3. Your not jiggly! Get over it.
    You would be my girl if I were (you know), so don't change :)
    Tell Salty if typing wakes him wear ear plugs....

  4. You make me LOL. And I say totally all the time. And if I lived close to you I would come dance and make jello jealous. I think you are hilarious, but I have totally already revealed my crush on you, so deal with it.

  5. I totally had a Leif poster but totally don't remember his songs.

    I totally hate when people smell. It's totally gross.

  6. @ Tiff - now I feel sorta bad.
    @ Marie - you know I aim to please (shhhhh- the whole I have a blog is on the way down low with the old hubby)
    @ Cat - I am jiggly - totally. Be glad you are not here to experience the Cap'n.
    @ Jill - I am already so jealous - you with all your funny blogolicious friends.
    @ Jess - I still have a few albums if you'd like to borrow them. come on.... Surfin' USA? Plus you should get a whiff of the Cap'n it brings personal B.O. to a whole new level.

  7. ok - who is the wiseguy that downloaded my puking gumby???

  8. Okay...usually when people say they have a Randomness going on in their title...they usually focus on ONE subject with Random thoughts about the subject...

    BUt not Binks...

    NO, NO...

    She doesn't conform...

    She has B.O., Zits, and Belly Dancing...along with blatant advertising all in one ACTUAL Random post!

    I knew I liked you for a reason! :)

    Hey I'm up at 3:30 my time to get ready for in reality...we are up at the same time! :)

  9. Thanks for coming by yesterday -- Love your blog! I will come back.

    Much Love


  10. First, I totally crack myself up too! Second, rambling is just my kind of thing. Third, my head is always spinning with ideas, stories, blogs, etc. I have a little notebook in my purse, in my teacher bag and by my bed. But, I NEED a little recorder. I need to do the phone thing. Get your butt over here and show me how!

  11. I used to take dance (jazz) but fat got in the way and now it wont leave.
    And what was Jill talking about with the jello? Are there bikinis involved? And a big tub? Otherwise, forget it.

    And I'll be you do crack yourself up - expecially at 3:30 in the morning.

  12. I've awarded you a BFF. Drop by my blog to see.


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