Sunday, October 12, 2008

Don't You Hate It When...

So here we are again at the Monday "Don't You Hate It When" game contest hosted by the amazing Shelle over at Blok Thoughts. If you play enter, you could win prizes!
Even if you don't win, you are guaranteed to get a laugh.

Don't you hate it when:

you are pregnant and you eat a whole boat load of fiery, hot chicken wings (your favorite) for lunch at work and then...

when you leave work, you go to get in your car and a bus goes by and the smell of fumes makes you want to puke....

but you hold it together, get in your car and start the engine

then quickly open the door and vomit in the parking lot and then....

as you are driving home, you have to pull over like 20 times to puke in people's yards and then your throat burns for over 3 months from the hot sauce.

I hate that.


Don't you hate it when:

You go on a double date with your best friend and she drinks waaaayy too much, and you end up having to hold her hair while she pukes out the window. And puke gets all over the guy's new car and her and you.

Then they drop you off at home and your Mom accuses you of underage drinking (and you didn't even drink) and puking in the driveway and puts you on restriction?

I hate that, too!

(okay, so that last one happened about 25+ years ago, but that restriction still smarts & BTW Shelle specifically asked for the puke stories, so blame her.)

What are you waiting for? Go, read, laugh, enter.


  1. Okay those are BOTH disgusting! I dry heaved in my mouth! lol!

  2. Don't you hate it when the little girl in your glass says she's gonna be sick, and then pukes ALL over your shoes? I hate that....

  3. I love puke stories! I have several, like that time I puked in the sink and all that cheese I had about an hour ago plus the tequilla clogs the drain! But I was so drunk that it did not bother me reaching down bare handed and pulling out the cheese. Mind you the toliet was only a foot I hate then that happens!

  4. I had only been dating my boyfriend (now husband;go figure) a couple of weeks when we went to a club (which he totally despises going to ANY type of place where there my be drunk people) and I had waaaay to much to drink. We went back to our friends home whom we went with and low and behold the girlfriend was ready to get sick. Of course I didn't want my new beau to see me in such a manner so I went to the BR and locked the door. In my drunken stooper while hugging the bowl suddenly there HE was! I was like OMG didn't I lock the door, when I noticed he had a wire hanger... I took the wire hanger threw him out locked the door and again continued my toilet fun. Then again there HE was another hanger in hand....At that moment I knew it was true LOVE! :)

  5. I almost had to puke reading your puke stories.

  6. Ok, that double date wasn't that bad, lol! Trust me it was worse on my end. However, you would have thought I would have learned my lesson, not! The first date I had with Jay, we went to watch the Superbowl at a club and depending on which team scored, one of us had to drink a shot and a beer. Fortunately, my team won and he got wasted! So, on the way home (I drove of course) we had to stop at The Pancake House, people's bushes, the side of the road and this is the weird thing... we were actually in a friend's new car as well. She was a "real trooper" and cleaned the car herself that night. Good thing that is all behind me now, I am too damn old for that crap!

  7. I think we all have puke stories. Mine is when I was pregnant and dehydrated and decided I wanted to go shopping anyway. I had to pull over on the side of the freeway and puke and then got back in and kept driving. I'm so dumb.
    Love the post! Amy

  8. Hey, thanks for tag, will be doing my best tomorrow to catch up as my comp went and died on me last week, but I'm back so I'll get back to you again tomorrow!

  9. Puke story always bring up such great memories! heh

  10. I awarded you also...that would be funny if it was the same one! lol!

  11. Oh yea, that whole hot wings throw up sucks, but having come out the other way isn't very fun either.

    Thanks for thinking of me, we are far enough from the fires, but the air quality is messing with my eyes


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