Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's not easy being green

Nope - this is not a post about Kermit the frog.

If you have been paying attention and have removed your head from your computer screen long enough to pay attention to the "REAL" world (WHAT!?!?!) there if a big trend to become "green".

Am I one of those people? ummmmm........... not really

Now, all you greenie, tree huggers out there, don't get your panties in a knot.

I don't drive an SUV, litter, let my toilets run or dump used motor oil down the drain.

I do, however, use my garbage disposal (gasp), don't recycle (my house is too small to collect enough to put in the bin - not to mention those damn piss ants) and take loooong, hot showers .

But, according to my own frugalogic, I am a recycler due to my own cheapness. Things like, I refuse to throw perfectly good furniture, clothes, or household items in the garbage. I use both sides of paper, even at work (this was a learned trait, that I picked up from my mother). Squeeze every last drop of ketchup from the bottle (or mustard, lotion, shampoo).

Turn off lights, fans, etc. (but really that is just to save money)
and I would totally have a windmill because the power company has to buy back extra power produced. Yep, that is me, being frugal.

But, the whole point was to tell you a little factoid I got from my Google fact widgit. (Did you know they have a "Hooters model of the day" Google widgit? that is just so wrong. You should have to go out and search for porn - what was Google thinking?)

(thanks SWFWMD for the photo)

Fact from widget?

One lightning bolt can produce enough electricity to light a bulb to last about 100 years. Helllloooooo? Scientists, inventors???

Did you hear that??? Lightning = power

Get on it. I'll be waiting.


  1. you're kidding! SOMEONE needs to get on that!!!!(You're my kinda green girl...)

  2. Hooters, really??! I lost some respect there!

  3. I drink enough canned Diet Cokes to keep our local can-picker-upper living in his 3000 sq ft home.And my dog used to eat his own poop. He recycled, too.

  4. I recycle and I am not sure where that green part of me comes from. I am not a tree hugger, I eat meat (all forms even human if it was available), I dream of beating up hippies and I shower at least once a day.
    But I recycle everything that is recyclable. Beer cans, plastic jugs of rum and gin, the boxes the beer comes in, ketsup bottles, mustard jars and even macoroni boxes. I might live in the ghetto but we are big recyclers. And furniture never makes it to the trash heep. We put out a crappy book shelf on Saturday afternoon, it was gone before the sun went down.


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