Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tagged, Again

So Jess has tagged me for a meme and because I am being lazy and brain dead for the past week, I am all for it. Plus she played along in my last little game of photo tag.
(which the rest of you losers failed to do - wait, did I actually "tag" anyone?)
The rules are if you're tagged, post six random/weird things about yourself on your blog and tag six people. And leave them a comment on their blog letting them know that you've tagged them.

1) I shower at least twice per week, whether I need it or not.
2) I change my underwear at least once per day.
3) I hate driving in the rain.
4) I used to be a Tupperware lady as my third job.
5) I used to be a man.

Oh wait, damn, I forgot this was random weird things and I was just being random. (some of those things are not true, but I'm not telling)

Let me start again. And these are weird/random things (all true):
1) I used to own and ride a unicycle.
2) When I was 15, I stalked Leif Garrett, when he was in Miami. I tracked him down to Harry Casey's (of KC & the Sunshine Band fame) house. (yes, I know, this means that I am OLD!) and my sister drove. (she's an enabler)
3) I suffer from trichotellimania (look it up)
4) I married three years ago at age 42. (thanks babe for saving me from spinsterhood)
5) Before the hormone crisis, I HAD to sleep with my feet under the sheets.
6) I have been the victim of the HAG! Scary!

My job now is to tag six people. Tag, you're "it"!

1) Ree, the Pioneer Woman cuz I am sure she is not busy reading her 12,000 comments every day and besides, I've left 2 comments and now we're best friends. ** update** Oh yes I di-id tag PW - check out Sittin’ on the Dock of the Pond 10/11/08 - comment # 183
2) Marie at Malta Magic. I am curious about her life in a faraway land.
3) Shelle at Blok Thoughts. YOU MUST, YOU MUST. I mean, come on, I've mentioned your blog here more than my own kid! ROFL!
4) Marinka -just to drive her insane.
5)MsMel or Cat - oh wait, they don't have a blog (*gasp*, I know)
Then Tiff . I need to know more about her.
6) Lynn at After the Dust Settles (she's too busy with her lists and painting her super cute piggy banks) Insane Mama (she's too busy with her 20 squatters and her granny)
Oh shoot - I don't have any other bloggy friends. *sniff*
Waaahhh Wah!

Play away and if you do - leave me a comment so I can compare random weird things with you.


  1. I used to LOVE Leif Garret!!!!
    What happened when you chased him down, did you get to talk to him? lol
    Will post this meme later, still hungover from my Nyquil overdose...

  2. Okay I did your TAG! lol! And I think I referenced you like TWICE to try and catch up! And I LOVE you for your comment on Pioneer Woman...I'M still laughing! lol!

    I think you should do something on PUKE...for tomorrow! :)

  3. love your random facts. Both sets!!!

  4. ahem. I thought I was your blog love. And to think I look like Leif Garrett and all. sigh.

  5. Shelle - puke it is.

    Stephen G - Did I know you in high school? Then you should be well aware....hehehe

    Jilljillbobill - Trust me, I am stalking you and your friends,hard. But Shelle? She was really my first real bloggy friend.
    But I will gladly co-sponsor a hostile comment takeover of the blog of your choice.

  6. Another Leif Garrett fan checking in!

    And you can't tag me, I have immunity! I tagged Jess who tagged you, so I'm like your grand-tagger!


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