Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bling for da binks

Here I am again humbled by my friends. Offering some kudos that the jibberish that leaks from my brain has entertained someone other than myself.

Thanks peeps! It means more than you know.

The first is from my new blogger buddy Jill jill bo bill . She is almost as clever as I am. (well, really, she is WAAAY more clever and funny. And everything she writes has, you know, a point.) You should totally go visit her.

So, I thank her for this award. However, it requires that I follow more rules (hard for this rogue, biatch)

Here they are: This award requires that I list 6 things that make me happy and pass it on to 6 people. (and if I had 6 things that piss me off, I will fulfill my PMO Thursday obligation and obviously that will plunge me to the gateway to hell with the whole 666 configuration)
I may have to rethink.
Ok, just going to do the first 2 and save myself the aggravation. Now don't you church going people get your panties in a knot. I was jez joking and I totally don't want to mess with that.

See what those awards do to me? Send into a blathering tizzy.

(second attempt) here we go - six things that make me happy:

  1. The ocean

  2. when my kid gives me a spontaneous kiss or hug

  3. when I can sleep more that 8 hours in one stretch

  4. sitting in my cozy jammies watching movies, eating popcorn and candy all day long on a rainy day

  5. books

  6. the possibility that I may someday have a maid

And here are my six choices:
Marie6 at Malta Magic
Lynn at After the Dust Settles
Cat from OldMcDonaldsFarm
Vodka Mom at I Need A Martini Mom
Then, an extra special award from Shelle at Blok Thoughts

because we are truly two peas in a pod with the same sense of humor (although mine is probably much less pristine). But she is my first bloggy friend so I heart her. Thanks Shelle!

I am suppose to pass this on to 4 friends and one from another country...

so here is my linky love:
(no not kinky love, L I N K Y!!!! - Steve get your mind outta the gutter dude)

I am passing it back to Shelle at Blok Thoughts
Then to Jess at Never a Dull Moment
And also Jill jill bo bill
And Tiff at Making Room for Serendipity
and the of course Marie6 at Malta Magic

wshooo - finally done with all the linky stuff. that ahref stuff is enough to drive you to drink. How do you all keep up with it all? Vodka Mom, can you pour me a drink?

And I am now famous, just thought you might want to know.

A post to call my own

*disclaimer: I just realized I only made 5 choices but can-not-link and Cat? she has a blog in her, she just doesn't realize it yet.

Now, to go post my Friday Foto - that is gonna take me forever!



  1. Ok, so I may have a blog in me, but I have zero computer skills....
    Not gonna happen!

  2. Sanka, dahling. (Sorry, tried to sound continental like the lady I saw in the mall buying like 96bags from each expensive store with her platinum credit card.) I love credit cards!!! Thank you so much!


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