Friday, October 17, 2008

Foto Finish Friday

Venice, Italy - photo by Nate Gross

I love the water and the colors and the fact that it is in Italy. The picture was taken by nephew & I think he has a great eye.
FotoFinishFriday is Fun - join in at Candid Carrie,
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Can you believe it is Friday again??? These weeks are just flying by and I am so damn far behind in all by posting and reading and snarky commenting. Don't worry, those sarcastic bits are coming to a blog near you.


  1. I'm so behind I'll NEVER catch up! But, I love, love the photo!!!

  2. That is gorgeous. Italy is on my bucket list:-)

  3. A romantic city :)

    Thanks for the award, funny how you get to like people by just following their blog. Really pleased I found you!!!

    And what a coincidence for us to give each other the same award, guess that's why that saying is there for us....great minds think alike (Hahaha).

  4. I want to be there now. Tell your nephew to have lnch ready for me.

  5. Ahh, that takes me back. Back in time. To when I used to have dreams. I dreamt of this place. But the I woke up.
    So thanks for the memories!! It's a gorgeous shot.

    And congrats on all the bloggy bling!!

  6. that is an awesome picture! I would love to see Venice for real someday.

  7. Beautiful photo! It makes me long to visit Venice.

  8. Beautiful picture -- he did a good job. Thanks for sharing and coming by today!

    Much Love

  9. That's a really beautiful pic! And I agree--the weeks are flying way too fast!

  10. Absolutely beautiful!!! I have never been to Italy but would love to go and experience it!

  11. BEAUTIFUL! I so want to go to Italy.

    Thanks for sharing - he does have a good eye...or is that I for ITALY?!

  12. I love Venice, it's so beautiful! Great photo.

    I like the shells on the side of the blog, makes me want to go to the beach!

  13. When I've traveled in Italy, I've always felt as if I were living in a painting. Absolutely beautiful!

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  15. WOW...BINKS...I love that photo, he has a really good eye!

    BTW...I'm traveling but I am stopping by your blog because your comment on PW's was the BEST! Nice smooth talk right back to me! Seriously your the best! lol!

    You have 16 followers!!!...I feel like my blog friend is all growing up! lol! You'll surpass me with followers...they all do! :)

    And thanks for flinging the award back to me! :)

  16. That is amazing, your nephew does have a great eye


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