Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pi** me off Thursday

Hey peeps. Miss me??? Yeah, I thought not.

I know MsMel did, she sent me an email. Basically it said "WTF? Where is my morning blog reading? You better get off your lazy butt and start posting before I totally disown you as a friend. "
(okay, she didn't say totally - I added that. Well, she really didn't say any of that, but her email had that flavor)

Way back when, I started this whole thing so that I had something to do late at night, when I had insomnia. (which I could link to that post, but I really have no desire to get involved with the whole linky thing because it takes too damn long.)

Guess what? I can't stay awake!
(wow, I just had the strangest sense of deja vu - did I tell y'all about this already? if so, I am claiming mental pause)

Besides, nothing interesting happened to me this week. So here is a run down of my boring week thus far. Oh wait. ....
This was supposed to be my Piss me off Thursday post. (see, I am just out of sorts)

OK - 5 things that have been pi**ing me off (most of them toiletry related):

1) Deodorant waxy build up. The package says invisible solid. Does that mean it is invisible in your arm pit? Does that mean it does not transfer to your little black dress (or BIG black dress, in my case) ? Because, it so does. Big white trails down both sides of my t-shirts, tank tops, dresses. But really, my biggest beef is that it leaves a waxy build up in my arm pits. Is it just me? Do others have this same problem?? Is there some waxy deodorant arm pit gunk remover? Did I miss it on the drugstore shelf? Soap? not even close. Alcohol doesn't work and burns like a *!?!!*$$*&!! (insert your favorite swear /curse word). I have taken to digging it out with my fingernails, but my manicurist is complaining. (yeah, like I have a manicurist)
Please, someone, I need help! (well, that goes without saying, but help with the deodorant problem, specifically)

2) Grey hairs - self frickin' explanatory. Don't they piss you off, too? (no comments from the peanut gallery)

3) The cost of a haircut and highlights costs like a gazillion dollars.

4) Why the damn razor goes dull so quickly? I mean, really, I only shave my legs twice a month. Those things are a fortune. It works out to about $5 per shave. Why does three, little, thin, sharpened pieces of metal cost so much? I can buy a whole, metal toaster with electronics and wires and a plug for $6.

5) Little hairs on the bar of soap! Aaaarrrrgggghhhhh! PMO and sends me right out of my mind.

Would you like to join along? What are your pet peeves? See the little comment section? Now is your chance.


  1. Ewww, hair on the soap is disgusting!! definitely the reason I use shower gel.
    No way, I love my gray hair, each one is hard earned and has my husband's name written all over it! LOL
    Hmmm... one thing that definitely ticks me off is bad or non-existant customer service. You know, like when you walk up to the cash register and they don't even acknowledge you? HATE that!!! It's really bad up here in PA... I miss TX where they talk your head off the whole time you're checking out. lol

  2. Little hairs on the soap are gross and impossible to get off!

    My razor blades last much longer than yours - maybe it's the brand?

  3. Your razor goes dull b/c you only shave once or twice a month..Duh! Do it everyday and make Salty happy. Geeeeez....Maybe you wouldn't have so much to bi#$% about.

  4. Well, for a less expensive haircut and highlights, just move to a little podunk town like I did! Hair on the soap.......enough said about that one, YUCK! And, try using hair condition on your legs before you shave. It is easier on the razor and leaves your legs feeling great!

  5. Ok! I have the same issue with deodorant. How can they advertise that it will not leave white marks, when it indeed leaves white marks. Is that not false advertising for crying out loud.
    My hair grows so fast I have to color the roots every 3 weeks. I hate gray hair and would do almost anything to not have it. My razors last a fair amount, and I shave more often than you I guess. I use the Intuition - which are $10 for 3, but I don't need shaving cream with these and I like them a lot.
    HAIRS ON THE SOAP!!! My hubby is the single hairiest man on the planet - so I HAD TO go to body washes - one for him and one for me. NASTY!!!

    My biggest pet peeve - PICK UP. It's so not hard. Dirty glass goes in the sink - same with dirty plate. Dirty napkin - in trash. You see where I'm going with this? PICK UP!!


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