Friday, October 24, 2008

Foto Finish Friday

Today is FotoFinishFriday with our host the inimitable and overworked Candid Carrie, loads of fun, lots of comments, a bloggy dreamland, really.

I love orchids, L-O-V-E them. However, I K-I-L-L them. (I have a severe black thumb) So when we were travelling in NC and went to the Biltmore Estate, I jumped at the opportunity to at least have some great photos.
These were taken around New Years Day at the Biltmore greenhouse. (That macro setting on your camera works great!)


  1. Beautiful flowers.
    It's so nice to see another Native Floridian...we are a rare breed, it seems.

  2. I don't have a black thumb however, I haven't even tried orchids. I hear that they are REALLY hard to care for. Great pictures:-)

  3. My older sister loves orchids. I made them in sugarpaste for her daughter's communion cake last June.

  4. Those are beautiful flowers! Must be nice to see them in the middle of winter! Yeah, I'm jealous

  5. Those are beautiful! I saw some the other day just like that. Now I wish I had gotten them

    Don't worry. I have a black thumb as well.

  6. Those are beautiful!! Stopping in from Candid Carrie--TFS!

  7. OH how pretty! I am DYING to visit the Biltmore!
    Happy Friday!

  8. I kill ivy. I am that bad. Beautiful pix! You could frame them.

  9. I am an orchid freak!

    I have 10 currently in different stages of blooming.

    those are gorgeous..

  10. Those orchids are fabulous, and I love them as well. And, you take really cool pictures! Oh, meant to tell you about the not sleeping thing, try taking magnesium at night. There is a product called Natural Calm that comes in a powder form, just add water and drink. It should definitely do the trick, give it a try. Just be careful to start out slowly or you will end up in the restroom a lot! And, our bodies do not store magnesium so you will eliminte what you do not need. Or, you could try yoga. This has worked for me as well and when I was doing it consistently, my inches melted off. I do a less extreme version and have gotten a tape that Dixie Carter (of all people) made called "The Unworkout Workout". It looks easy, but is deceiving. However, it is not torturous either. I wish I still had the discipline to do it and a place in the house to go to that would not interrupt J or FTLK once they are asleep. OK, had my blog "fix" for the day!

  11. Those pictures are great...really..I love them!

  12. Oh Binks - they are gorgeous!! I love orchids too, but I kill everything. I killed a plastic plant once... It died of a dust overdose. It was a sad day.

    You were so close to me when you were at the Biltmore Estate - I am in Myrtle Beach, SC!!


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