Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Free to be you and me

The Today Show today had on Marlo Thomas (That Girl - if ya'll are old enough to remember that) and she was talking about her album and subsequent book "Free to be you and me" .

photo courtesy of Amazon.com

They are celebrating its 35th anniversary with a new, expanded edition book.

My mom bought this album for me when it first came out. I was 9 years old and many of the themes were so different for the times. Things like boys can have dolls and girls can do anything they desire from being mommies to lawyers, doctors, politicians and everything in between.

I have yet to find anyone who ever even heard of the thing, let alone remember any of the songs.

Just wondering.

BTW - had the second belly dance class and I am BEAT! gotta go sleep.



  1. I used to love that book, remember it sitting on the shelf in my 4th grade classroom and every chance I got I would sneak it to my desk.
    Cool on the belly dancing class, would love to learn to do that!

  2. I remember, I remember!!! Does that make me OLD????????

  3. I remember "That Girl", but I am old.
    I do not however know that book. Never heard of it.

    I would love to do some belly dancing classes. As well as pole dancing classes. They are both supposed to be great workouts.
    Good for you for doing it!!

  4. K love the picture below...so adorable! And I love when a picture is actually VINTAGE and not made to look that way! lol!

    And who the heck are you talking about in this post?

    and I think someone is playing a joke on me or REE really commented on my blog! Go check it out!

  5. I will have to get that book. I faintly remember it...


  6. What the heck? She blocked you? How? I don't understand...that makes me sad...why would she do that?

  7. I remember That Girl and I remember Free to be You and Me but only the song, not the book.


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