Wednesday, October 8, 2008

October 6th - part 2

In memory of my Dad

So I tried to complete the post from the other day and it was really hard to write down the words.

You see, Octber 6th was the day that my dad passed.
A hero for saving another life and paying with his own.
Even though it has been 24 years, I still miss that
man who was taken from me when I needed him the most.
A young woman about to make her way in the world.
Lost, confused and in need of guidance.

So instead, I will post some pictures to show the wonderful, caring, humble, loving man that I called Dad.

This is my Mom and Dad when they first started dating in Ohio.

(Sometime in the late 40's)

Army Air Corp - WWII Training to be a P-51 Mustang pilot. However, he never flew in the war. The war ended while he was finishing up his training.

1978- Singing "More I Cannot Wish You" from Guys and Dolls to his youngest daughter and child. (me) Just the mention of the song brings tears to my eyes.

Singing "Danny Boy"
Once he got started singing, in the play "South Pacific" for a local club, he couldn't get enough of the theatre. (1978)

Christmas Day @ 1979 or 1980. The was at Bea's house. A wonderful woman he was with for many years. A surrogate mother when my own would not acknowledge my existence. I wish I had some photos of the two together. Those years, I never saw my father happier.
I regret not knowing of her illness and wishing I could have been there to thank her for her kindness during those painful, mixed-up teenage years.

More I Cannot Wish You

From Guys and Dolls
Words and Music by Frank Loesser

Velvet I can wish you for the collar of your coat,
And fortune smiling all along your way.
But more I cannot wish you
than to wish you find your love,
Your own true love this day.

Mansions I can wish you, seven footmen all in red,
And calling cards upon a silver tray.
But more I cannot wish you
than to wish you find your love,
Your own true love this day.

Standing there, gazing at you,
full of the bloom of youth.
Standing there, gazing at you,
with the sheep's eye,
And the licorice tooth.

Music I can wish you, merry music while you're young,
And wisdom when your hair has turned to gray.
But more I cannot wish you
than to wish you find your love,
Your own true love this day.
With the sheep's eye and the licorice tooth,
And the strong arms to carry you away.

Good night.

listen to the song at youtube


  1. A wonderful man whom you can proudly call your own Dad. May he rest in peace and may all your beautiful memories make up for your loss!

  2. I love that! My dad never did anything on stage, but I can hear songs that he used to constantly sing on the radio and I can't help but to close my eyes and see him singing it to me. Thank God for memories.

  3. My father passed away October 9, however, I was not at fortunate to have a close relationship with him as a child. As I grew older, we did reconcile, but it was not the same. Even though we were not as close as I would have liked, and the relationship did not compare to yours with your dad, I understand the void to some degree. I hope you share the memories and photos with CAB, it will be important later. Love you :)

  4. Marie & Jill - thanks for the warm comments.

    Mel- I know that the relationship with your dad was not so close, but the relationship with your mom was so close. Sending lots of hugs to see you through.

  5. My dad wasn't around most of my life and when he was he caused nothing but problems and grief.

    Your post shows me what it really means to have the love a father. He sounds like an awesome dad!

  6. Okay your Dad is so handsome! I love the arts to! Seriously though binks...ya got a way with words...I loved your first post to your dad! So cute! :)

  7. Awwww...what a lovely post. I love the photo of him singing to you.

  8. Binks......I'm sad for you.

  9. I LOVE you guys.
    Made me feel all better.

  10. This is so sweet. and sad and beautiful

  11. I really must visit more often...I enjoy your writing. This post made me cry though. I miss him so much. :-(


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