Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Linky Dinky Doo - A Halloweenie contest

Ok - back to our regularly scheduled programming. Back to that sweet snarky one you have all grown to love (or hate). I am an equal opportunity blogger.

But first, a word from our sponsor:
Please forgive me in the past week or so if I left a seriously snarking, sarcastic comment on your post. I've been dealing with some "stuff". Besides, I thought at the time, they were clever and funny. Reading back, they look nasty and cutting. Sorry. And, thanks for all the kind words, you made me feel better.

Insane Mama is having a Halloween contest. So, in an effort to gain popularity and a fat wallet, here is my first Halloween post to qualify for a bonafide entry.

I don't claim these photos, they were sent to me via e-mailio but I thought they were funny and it is a good start to the whole spooky Halloweeness that is going to appear here in the future. (well, maybe not soooo spooky)

I am loving hearing all the spooky ghost stories and freaky events so leave a comment with a linky thing so I can come and check them out.


  1. I need to enter...I will think of something! Since you entered I will too...because I'm cool like that! lol!

  2. Wwas I one you were snarky to? Cuz if that's not normally you, then stay the way I found you! I love you and if ya go bein all mushy, I will cry and say sappy shit like "OMG she is so sweet and endearing" all teary-eyed and I plus I hate that word 'endearing'.

  3. Sorry about the double Ww's. (hee) I don't stutter............much

  4. LOVE the flashers, I need to make that in my yard. Thanks for participating, you are in for three entries :)

    And, don't worry about what you say to people. You can't, otherwise you will be biting your tongue all day long

  5. I love all the pumpkins! The flashers are a hoot! Wish I was creative like that....

    Enter the Super Duper SuperWAHMz Contest!

  6. and I will accept that apology....:)(biatch) lol

  7. I am TOTALLY stealing those photos!! They are GREAT!


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