Monday, October 6, 2008

Don't You Hate It When...

So here we are again at the second installment of the new Monday "Don't You Hate It When" game hosted by the stellar Shelle (my favorite bloggy friend) over at Blok Thoughts.

If you want to play along, you can find out more over at her very entertaining site, just click the link. (plus, she has lots of pretty pictures)AND now, it is now a contest. Whooo hoooo (or I think the bloggy word is Woot, but how would I know?)

Don't you just hate it when............

You get all gussied up with makeup, some new clothes, pretty jewelry, sparkles in your hair, new purse and high heeled shoes. And then your mom wants to take pictures for posterity (or maybe blackmail)? And ,then she takes that picture and points out all the "special" things you've done to yourself and, posts that picture on the internet??


(the photo is of my, now 18 year old son, Cab at 3 dressed in his cousin's clothes)


  1. lol! Omgosh I love it! Nice job Binks...and the feeling is mutual with the whole favorite blogging friend! :) Love ya!

  2. So cute! I love it when little girls play dress up and walk around like they're so grown up!

  3. It's not a girl, dim wit. Read the blog..... That's what makes it funny.

  4. My SON is going to K-k-k-k-kill me!!!! ROFL

  5. That's hilarious!!! Definitely good blackmail material!

  6. LOL That is sooo stinkin funny!!
    Does he know you posted this? What did he say!?
    You are a great mom to do this!! :)

  7. Can't imagine what your son will say when he sees this....very funny indeed!

  8. Oh my peeps - he gave permission ages ago to post whatever picks I so desired. It's his problem if he doesn't read the blog.

  9. well in his defense he does have a manly accessory...the broken arm.

  10. Hilarious! One question. Does your son read your blog???? I can't wait to read the post of you explaining his reaction!

  11. heh heh heh. You are right, yours is HILARIOUS! Abusive, but hilarious! hee!


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