Friday, October 3, 2008

Foto Finish Friday

Can you believe it is Friday again. Those weeks are just flying by and soon we will all be singing Christmas Carols
(stop screaming - I DON'T control time).

And yes, y'all are right, that means:


We should all thank Candid Carrie for all her hard work as hostess extraordinaire. Muchas Gracias, Senorita!

I love this tree.
It is so old and big and strong and somewhat haunting.
It reminds me of Savannah and special memories of my wedding there. In fact, it was taken that very weekend. *sniff*

This is Foto Finish Friday - with Candid Carrie. Head on over and play along.

Happy Friday!


  1. OH, I love this picture too.. I love trees like this. I love the big long branches that spread out to make a wonderful shade.

    I just posted my Foto Friday Finsh post too..

  2. K--my MIL loves pictures of trees...I could blow that picture up and give it to her for Christmas! loL!

  3. That is such a beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing -- Much Love


  4. wow! that's an awesome tree. There is a set of three trees by our house that fit your description of this one. I take pictures of them all the time.

    If they could only talk... can you imagine the stories they could tell?

  5. Hi there, been away from blogging as I've been running around with my "penfriend" while she was here for her holiday.

    Love the photo, trees are always so magnificent!

  6. I love these trees. I grew up in Alabama and Live Oak Trees with Moss hanging from them are so beautiful and you are right...haunting.(I am assuming that is a live oak because you said Savannah). My mother has many, many of these trees in her yard. I also lived on St. Simon's Island for a while and these trees always remind me of my time there.

    Thanks for sharing! Great Shot!

  7. I love the photo. It IS haunting, and lovely.

  8. I bet that tree looks creepy cool in the Fall with no leaves at night! It really is a beautiful presence of nature! Love that tree!

  9. Great picture!! I love live oak trees.


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