Sunday, October 5, 2008

phone bloggin' & zee boring weekend

Trying to blog by phone is almost as easy as text messaging. And it is painfully slow. So I will catch you later gators!

So I tried to blog by phone today and was not having any luck as you can see by the above message. I think that took about 15 minutes to type and post. LOL
The phone kept shutting the Internet down, which was driving me NUTS! Plus, you'd better be good typing with keys the size of Chiclets AND no arrows to correct all the spelling errors due to the keys being so small.

We were cooking ribs yesterday for a pot luck we were going to, but it got cancelled. Waaah Wa! We were looking forward to spending some time with our friends. So, we rented "What Happens in Vegas" and ate ribs. The movie was cute but pretty predictable.

Most of the weekend we've been off at work trying to move Salty into a new office space and there were wires to run, computers to move and all re-building of networks. BORING!!!

That's all the boring weekend stuff - so I'll see ya around.

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