Friday, August 15, 2008

That's what I like

Since I am sick and could not chance any more negative I decided to substitute my Pi** Off Thursday Friday for this:

If you are a regular reader (hahahahahaha) and read this, then you know I was suppose to negate all that negative kharma, mojo or whatever YOU want to call it. Five hated things vs. 5 loved (or liked quite a bit) things:

  • 1) I love Salty (that, of course, would have to be the first of all my "love" lists)
  • 2) I love the sound of kids laughter. That all out giggly laughter. Even when you are down down down, you still have to crack a smile when you hear that
  • 4) I love sushi (who woulda guessed)
  • 5) Sitting on the beach in the rain - seems depressing but I find it very soothing and quiet.

There ya go! What are your favorite things?? Anyone?

(cough, cough, cough). I have to sleep.

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