Wednesday, August 27, 2008

She likes me, she really likes me. (and other assorted nonsense)

Wow - that was a very, very long blog.
Sorry, hope you are still awake.

I could go on and on about the garagesaler peeps. (but I shall refrain for worry that I may chase away the few readers that I may have - or not)

The weekend really wiped my out and after working all day Monday, I just came home and went to bed early. I did try to read some of my favorite blogs like Shelle and Marinka and Lori ,but was sooooo tired.

So I got up this morning and much to my surprise, I found this waiting for me.

Kick Ass Blogger Award

Wow, I am sooooo honored. This is my very first award.
But really, not deserved,
but much appreciated!


I need to think about those 5 that I think are kicka$$! (of course other than Schelle, who now holds a place near and dear to my heart)


I was just reading my last LONG garage sale post and the part where I decided to call my sister Babs. Well DUH! I just realized, those are her actual initials. B A B (sister). (at least her maiden name initials).

I also forgot to tell you of the bitchin' clothes I scored by going to my sister's house. (no, not from the garage sale)
She went out on Friday morning and bought some clothes for me (because she had, like, nothing better to do.)

Anyway, they were super cute! Thanks Babs!

My eyes! My eyes!
Conan just had a clip of the new Gong show and it had some extremely heavy man with no shirt doing the hula hoop.
I DID NOT need to see THAT!!

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