Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why I cart my 18 year olds butt around town.

As you guys know, I have been taking my son to college twice a week like he is a 4 year old going to pre-school. (And the other days I drive him to work - but we work in the same building, so I claim energy consciousness)

Now, I am not sure what the insurance costs are where you live. In SoFla, it is cost prohibitive. Which is a nasty circle really. People can't afford insurance, drive like maniacs, crash into others, cause insurance rates to rise, and then more people can't afford insurance. You get the idea. (yes, I am getting off the soapbox now)

When Cab turned 16, the insurance company raised my car insurance from $800 for 6 months, to......... $3,800 for 6 months!!! For those who don't like math, that is like a $500 a month! A wee bit pricey for a 16 year old kid.

Now, don't jump to conclusions.

He has no record, no tickets, no accidents. Nothing. .

For a single mom (well, I was newly married, but my hubby lived in another state) that chunk o' change was a little out of my dinky budget . (plus, the video game addicted sloth had no job.)

The super expensive insurance company told me as long as he only had a learner's permit, he would be listed (as a courtesy) on the policy for nothing!

Comes the 17th & 18th birthdays, rinse and repeat.
He doesn't have his license, no expensive insurance, Camry at your service.
He now has a job (after much cajoling, bribing and nagging) working with his stepfather.
We are looking for a car, but the next hurdle is actually passing the driving test.

Until then, its mommy taxi for me. (sigh!)


  1. I just took MY daughter to college. Now I'm BROKE, broke, broke. These other two urchins will have to go to school naked.

  2. Ahhh, well worth the price to be rid of her. (for a while anyway)

  3. I will officially not complain about the cost of insurance. When Sal starts to drive our insurance will go up $100/month. That is nothing compared to what you'd have to pay!


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