Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pi** me off Thursday

Well, well, here we are again at PMO Thursday. Let's see what we can come up with this week:

  1. Professional people who pawn their work off on you. I don't mean co-workers (that in itself is a PMO) but vendors or collegues that ask (ok, maybe they are asking nicely) for you to fax something for the 27th time because they are too lazy to go look for it. My current personal favorite is some deadbeat customer that every time they make a payment, asks for a statement so she knows how much she owes. Darlin', I send a statement MONTHLY. Take the balance due and subtract what you paid. Bingo, you get the balance. Basic math really. (and you want this ditz working in your books??) hmmm....

  2. Penis enlargement spam. I don't know about you guys, but I get about 12,000 spams with various information on how I can enlarge my penis or make my girl more satisfied. Ummm... HELLO??? Last time I looked, the penis was non-exisitant and my girls will just have to be satisfied with chocolate. Plus, my email address is like: obvious girl's name @ obvious business address (dot)com. My spam blocker catches about 1/2 . So, Could you please stop already?

  3. Ok, I agree, spam in general sucks but those penis enlargement ones really aggravate me.

  4. Little kids who sit in the booth behind you at a restaurant and stare at you when you are eating. Were you raised in a barn?
  5. Parents that are oblivious of aforementioned child. (or the one that is screaming in your ear, dribbling food on your new cashmere sweater or picking noses in plain sight while I am eating.)

So those are my 5 for Thursday. Can you believe that I actually posted it on Thursday? What pi**es you off?

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  1. Binks--you are now officially my MOST favorite person for giving me that compliment! Thank you so much! Transformers is one of my all time favorite movies! :) Oh and Yes I give you permission to walk your son to college :)!

    And one thing of many that piss me off...People who don't merge into traffic...and SORRY that was probably MY kid staring at you while you were eating...I'll remember to pay closer attention to them next time! :)


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