Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fay Fay Go Away

So why did Fay leave my hanging plants hanging ......

yet blew over my poor little tree?
Poor thing has been through Frances, Katrina, Wilma+ and I figured it had a good year with no storms to grow some deep roots. (notice tie down straps)
No chance. I'll prop it back up again and hope for the best. I WILL NOT be beat!!!
Oh crap - stupid storm is literally right on top of my sister's old/new house.
Fay Fay GO AWAY!

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  1. Hey Binks! I appreciate your comment on my blog. Dummy me, wanted to post something to you and did it on my own! But...I deleted and clicked on yours; it is very nice!! Out where we live there was about 5 months of wind blowing 24-7! I should be used to it but it seemed to go on forever. It is very destructive and my mom has broken tree limbs to prove it! We have trimmed and sawed and burned so much wood because of it. On that note I will say "Adios" and have a great day!


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