Thursday, August 21, 2008

That's what I like

Here is the Friday edition of "That's What I Like"

You too can play along.....

  1. I love architecture. I may not know what "style" it is, but I know what I like. Most of the stuff I like is pre- WWII. And most things built in the 70's are sorely lacking. My current favorites, the Pioneer Building in Seattle and the Chrysler Building in Manhattan.

  2. Games: computer, board, word, puzzles, card. I show no prejudice. (well actually, I dislike any of those new fangled X-Box type 3-D games, they give me a headache.)

  3. Roller coasters. I LOVE roller coasters. Especially inverted hanging roller coasters like this one. I can only ride a few times in a row. My brain gets a little scrambled.

  4. Nuts. No, not like the ones in the asylum. The ones like cashews, peanuts, almonds, pecans. I buy big Costco packages and vacuum pack them. Oh, I see where your mind is...... thems is good too, but not what I was originally thinking.

  5. HGTV - I am addicted to watching decorating shows. I have a design degree (which I don't use) so it just figures it's something I like.

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