Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Monday, Monday

whew! I am glad today is over.
5:00 am - wake up and take Salty to airport to catch his flight.
6:15 am - go to work because I didn't really want to drive to the airport and then drive back home and then drive back that way to work. (My office is like 5 highwy minutes from the airport)
1:45 pm -work, work, work and then I left early to take Cab to register for *sigh* COLLEGE (gasp!) (See picture of teary eyed mother of single child sniveling in disbelief) AND open his first checking account. Boy those 18 years flew by.

Oh yeah, it was a tough day.......
2:15pm-take Cab to high school to get high school transcripts (another story with condescending, bitchy, registrar as the antagonist of your lovely host.)
3:00 pm- bank to open account (fast and painless - only because it was nasty out and no one apparantly wanted to brave the weather to open bank accounts)
3:30 pm- Stood in line 1 for two hours to see an advisor. Spoke to said advisor but had to go to admissions to prove our residency. (I guess getting a four year transcript from a local high school is not enough proof that you lived in the state for 12 months - who makes up these rules?) Besides, why do you get a special tuition rate if you've only lived here 1 year? I mean, shouldn't you get an extra special tuition rate if you've lived here 10 years? 20 years? 40 years?!?

6:00 pm - Line 2, waited for 45 minutes to show my drivers license and 2 years of car registrations. Now really, who the hell has 2 years of car registrations?? Ok, I do, but who else?? After they make copy of said documents, we are free to rush back to the advisor just before 7 pm before they close to finish picking & registering for classes.

Now, did I ever say I was a procrastinator???? Yep, Master Procrastinator and Master Procrastinator Jr. - The two of us right there in the advisor's office (who, in my mind, was thinking WTF have you been waiting for?) So, none of the English or Math classes are available. You know, when you wait for the last minute, you get blindfolded basket weaving and the history and memorization of every boring thing that has happened to the world in the last bajillion years.
Fun stuff.
Not to say I have not been nagging him to go on line and pick classes or anything. Talk about nofunmom.
The only redeeming thing of the whole day???
When the advisor was all through registering and typing and figuring. She gave us the class printout (which, by the way, is 9am-9pm Tuesdays and Thursdays - another plus to waiting) and the printout gave the costs, the total being like 3 months salary. But down at the bottom of the page underlined in little tiny letters. It said:
Balance Due $35.00
that means scholarship people - see Florida education ain't so bad.

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