Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Catch Up

So I have been neglecting my duties here in blogdom. We had a busy weekend. First all the cleaning and sorting and anticipation for our new furniture. Then we both got sick and spent most of Sunday sleeping. But Salty had to go to Chi-town for work so he needed some sort of business clothes & we had to go shopping. (You know, he's sort of in the habit of wearing Florida clothes to work everyday - shorts and flip flops) Shopping is normally something I like to do, but when you are sick, not so fun.
So again, I do not live up to my promises of posts and the negative kharma is building. To top it all off, my friend cat got in a car accident and her car went into a LAKE!!! She is fine, but I don't think the car, after being dragged from the depths, will fare as well. Cat I am sooooo glad you are ok. Much more level headed than I think I would have been. Sooooo scary.

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