Tuesday, August 12, 2008

and the rant goes on

"Hey!", you say, "this was not suppose to be a rant blog."

Gotta get it off my chest and maybe impart a little useful information while I am at it. (in fact, I may have my little highway driving lesson some time in the very near future)

Sorry, if you can't handle a rant right now and need some happy, skip this sucker and leave a nasty comment. It will make my day.

Weather today: partly horrible with a few small instances of very overcast and mostly pouring with scattered serious lightning.

As you know (I guess you know, if you read
my last tear jerking post , I left work early to run some errands.

It is pouring rain, 2' visibilty, and I am driving Salty's 1999 Ford Explorer (death machine, as I call it) home, praying that all goes well. Plus, since it is storming, I am driving at a reasonable speed of 60.

Some guy goes whizzing past, changing lanes, no lights and talking on a cell phone. Whizzing, (me 60, him 80 or better). Now, I am a pretty confident, defensive driver but driving in the rain sort of freaks me out. It seems that when it rains, every bad driver looses their mind and decides "if I couldn't make that turn, light, lane when it was a dry sunny day, then I should definetly try now in the rain.

Yes, try and squeeze your Cadillac Escalade between me and the car in the next lane while trying to exit from the left lane going 80.

No thank you, I'd rather live.

So friends, (especially those learning to drive - and you know who you are)

if you are driving in the rain, slow down, turn on your lights.

And if you can, stop texting, and pay attention.

Especially if your car is grey.

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