Thursday, April 30, 2009

The mind of a child haunts me

And that mind is my own, of course. For some reason, every time I hear the word anniversay, this is what I hear in my head.

(beware, you can only listen to the first verse or you will be plagued too.)

Now, since this is my actual anniversary, it has been playing in my head tormenting me all day long.
(And I find it especially fitting, since I work in a rock pit!)

But Salty was very sweet and bought me flowers

and is planning some secret destination for tomorrow.
I know, I know, we've already celebrated (of which, I have neglected to share anything about my trip -but I've been horribly uninspired).

So maybe just writing something will get the juices flowing.
(get your mind out of the gutter, the writing juices - DAMN!)

(So, in case my wonderful husband is popping by, looking for some acknowledgement)

I love you baby!


  1. Gorgeous flowers!! He did good.

    Happy Anniversary Binks!!

  2. Happy Anniversary, Binks and Binker. Have a GREAT weekend and give us some good stories!!! But please don't hurt yourself just for my giggles.

  3. Happy anniversary! You're right. I'll never get that song out of my head.

  4. Hey Lisa - Happy Anniversary! Keep us updated - always loving when I see a new post from your end!

  5. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope it's a wonderful weekend for you!

  6. Happy Anniversary!! VERY pretty flowers!!

  7. Awh, happy anniversary, have fun tonight and at your secret destination! :)


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