Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend Update

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I am exhausted.

And, I didn't get much de-cluttering done this weekend. But, we did accomplish a few things this weekend which means the whole house situation is looking up.

After leaving work, we spent Friday night looking for furniture and had dinner at Cheesecake Factory.
It was friggin' crowded!
I guess people had the idea to do an early Valentine's celebration and avoid the crowds.
Ummmm..... not so much.

Weekend Plan # 1 - shot to hell.
Which means my super secret VD evening plan is now shot too. (somehow, secret VD evening plan just sounds so wrong. Like some sort of sexual terrorist attack.)

Saturday morning we were suppose to paint mouldings we bought Friday night. Oh wait, we didn't buy those Friday night. I guess that is off the schedule. And Salty had a wild hair to buy a TV stand for the new media room. And everyone knows, wild hairs need to be addressed immediately. (I am sure it's a medical thing, but you would have to ask Jill, she's the nurse)

We never even got around to buying the moulding until Saturday night and we had chase it down at two different Lowe's. Fun times and soooo romantic.........

We did end up getting take out sushi and a dulce de leche cheesecake. (and if you've never had the caramel-y, creamy goodness that is Cuban dulce de leche, you are missing out!)

We finally got busy Sunday morning.
(Not that kind of busy, get your mind out of the gutter and FOCUS!! )

We got the moulding painted, and part of it installed. All the laundry washed, dried and put away. Floors vacuumed and dishes washed & kitchen cleaned.

Now, 200 linear feet of moulding more and the the downstairs will be complete.

Except the bathroom remodel....... and speakers...... and touch up painting.....and toe kicks........and furniture moving ........and de-cluttering...... and organizing........... and staining............

Damn, we are not even close to being done.

How was your weekend?? Just wondering, does your husband change all your plans and ruin perfectly good weekends too?


  1. My husband lays on his ass all day/every day. He can't help it but it would be nice to have him get a wild hair every now and then. So much needs to be done around here but nothing is even close to getting started. Ugh!!!

  2. My were busy! I was mad that I had 5 loads of laundry.

  3. My husband can ruin a weekend, weekday, night, holiday, name it.
    I'm in need of some base board moldings. I may have to have sex with him to get him to do that though. We'll see.

  4. Hello??? See me??? I'm COMMENTING!!! And boy, I hate to admit it but it's ME who gets the wild hair on weekends and finds something to hunt down - this past weekend it was a coffe table, but the only thing we accomplished were new Pier 1 throw rugs for the kitchen. Found an awesome website though and now we'll probably spend double what we planned. Worth it when you find something you absolutely LOVE. I love decorating. ;)

  5. Oh yeah, mine can ruin any weekend of the year, just give him the chance...
    I'm tired reading your post, would you kill me if I told you I pretty much did absolutely nothing except play on the computer and take my hubby to the e.r.? I'm using his illness as an excuse for doing nothing, dontcha know...

  6. You did have a busy weekend. But you usually do! Love the Cheesecake Factory.

  7. All I can say is that at least you're getting it done one step at a time. All steps have come to a halt here and we are in serious renovation limbo. ugh. Blog post........someday.

  8. It totally turns me on when my hubs finishes a project. Or at least that what I tell him and he's always too tired from all the work to remember what I promised. I know. I am a bitch.

    And the wild hair thing-just carry big tweezers and pluck like there's no tomorrow.

  9. Girl we are remodeling as well....ARRGG! The horror's.
    The Cheesecake Factory....I LOVE that place.
    And wild hairs? Yep, Prince says everyone needs to "exorcise their demons as soon as they appear or they'll end up possessed". Ahh, my hunny :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  10. Better than husband wanted to go do things like the PARK and PIRATE PIZZA...oh the horror!!! :)


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