Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Rough Week

It has been a seriously rough week for me.

First, I was out doing a little shopping last night. I went into Barnes and Noble and there was some lady standing in the middle of the doorway with a suitcase and 200 department store bags. Blocking the whole entrance and looking a little dazed. Of course, I try to breeze on by, completely ignoring her when she decides to engage me in a conversation about mall security and how they done her wrong.
Excuse me? Did I appear interested? Did I make eye contact, encouraging you to befriend me?
It seems, that I am a crazy magnet.
Not twenty minutes before, another lady in Marshall's is having a serious conversation with me about Christmas ornaments and how her house is decorated with all these funny animals and asking me all kinds of questions about my Christmas decorations and what I do for Christmas.
My response? nada, nothing, zilch. I continued to look longingly casually at the Christmas decorations while she followed me through the aisles like a lost puppy. I finally lost her in the dresses and escaped. Obviously, my lack of a response was not a solid clue.

And today while driving to work, I got stuck behind a garbage truck that was spewing garbage juice all over my newly detailed car. EWWWW!

I have been seriously swamped at work. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but all of a sudden, I can't get a damn thing done. Then my boss called me this morning (at home) and tells me we are having a management meeting tomorrow at 10 am. Since I am the management meeting facilitator, that means I have to have to crunch all the numbers and get all the materials ready. I had to crunch 7 months of numbers in an 8 hour time frame and then print 7,000 pages of number, notes, charts and tables.
I barely got everything crunched and entered in my 12 hour day and I get to go in 2 hours early to print everything. Wooooohoooo! (please, someone, shoot me now)

Plus, remember the guy in my office that smells horrible? He hired his brother (who stinks even worse) and they have now decided that I am their best bud and stand in my office doorway to chat. They are known as Captain Stinkypants and his brother Corporal Stinkypants. They make me want to hurl. Just thinking about the stench makes me puke a little in my mouth. Ick!

To top it all off, my cat caught a mouse and presented it to us in our bathroom. Hello!?! My cat is an inside cat!! That means that mouse was IN MY HOUSE!!!
Thank God that Salty found it first or I might have had a heart attack and croaked right then and there.
Where the hell is Lynn the piggy bank painter when you need a mouse flinger???

Now I am off to bed for my early morning jaunt into the office. Anyone else having a bad day or week?
You know, misery loves company.

Even my computer is giving me a hard time. Posted this last night in the wee hours and it never posted. Damn computers.


  1. Oh yeah. I hear ya. Remember that prayer of honesty I was hoping for earlier??? - Please don't cancel school for kids!!! Well, we had early dismissal and tomorrow looks like a full snow day. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Stay at home moms must be from a different world, or just drink alot. Hope things get better.

  2. Oh yes! I'm having a bad week too. But having mice in our house doesn't constitute a bad one in our house since we live in the woods and mice are frequent visitors.

    Anyway, you must have some ultra-friendly aura that people are being drawn to. You need to find the switch and shut that off.

  3. Ah Binks, here's hoping tomorrow's a better day for you!!! Till then, stay away from the psychos and stinkys...

  4. I hate that you are bummed. Seems to be in the air. Oh wait, that's your co-workers!! That really stinks!! Slip them a little deoderant in thier stocking. maybe they will get the hint.

  5. What a week, hope you'll have a much nicer weekend, mice free!!!!

  6. wow.... what a week!!! im so glad i work from home and on my own schedule!! and for the mouse... eww gross yucky! I would have had a heart attack to!

  7. I NEED to meet the stink brothers!
    Bow chicka bow bow!

  8. SERIOUSLY, you DO NOT!!!!

    I know, you just want to see me do the whole gagging thing.
    You find that amusing.


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