Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Rush

I, like a million other people, are doing the mad dash to the Christmas finish line. As most of you know, we have been remodeling the house for the last six months and there is no end in sight. Boxes, furniture, tools and various other crap have been moved from here to there and back again.

Needless to say, I have not been much in the Christmas spirit and with all the traveling and house stuff, not many Christmas items have crossed off my list. I think, I may have finished most of my Christmas shopping and whoever is not purchased, will be receiving cash. The older kids probably prefer that anyway.

I did clean off my kitchen island (which has been harboring lost tools, screws and mail) and bought a little tree at Target. All the decorations are at the warehouse, so I got a little box of ornaments. Of course, there were no hangers, so I improvised. I just tied each little ball on the tree with some leftover tulle that I had with my sewing stuff. (Yeah, I sew - NOT)

I thought it turned out nice and may be a permanant kitchen tree in the future.

This is the tree when I first started. It was pre-lit and I just started adding the little Christmas balls with tulle.

This is the little guy all tulled up.

The photos really are not that great, but I think it turned out super cute.

This is a close up of the ornaments (are you bored yet?) I completely threw this together on Sunday morning in about 2 hours (including searching for something to attach the ornaments and the red garland that I pilfered from my wrapping paper box)

I wish I had time to write a funny little ditty, but I must finish shopping, wrapping, and drinking baking, tonight.

Now, I have no internet at home, so I will see you all in a few days!


  1. What a sweet little tree, love the red pot that it's in... Good luck with finishing up your Christmas preparations!

  2. What a great idea! Iam so going to use tulle next year to tie my shi-cra-stuff up with. You are a damn genius.

  3. You did a great job. It looks great.

  4. Hey, your tree is precious. Really! And while I'd absolutely have to go out and BUY tulle since I don't even have an emeergency sewing kit in this house, I might consider it for our small kids tree next year! Hope things settle down and you enjoy the holiday.

  5. Love the tree. Sometimes the things we put together withour imagination are the best ones. I would keep that tree in the housse somewhere and decorate it for each season ad or holiday using different things in your home.

  6. Can anyone say Charlie Brown? LOL....


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