Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back to life, back to reality....

So, the presents are all opened and the Christmas leftovers are all eaten and it is back to the old grindstone. It was fabulous having the 5 days off. Sorta makes you want to quit your job.

We spent the weekend at my sister's new condo. Of course, due to the fact that my Christmas shopping was abruptly cut short, I only had a few things purchased for my sister. Those items were left on the kitchen counter 2 1/2 hours from our final destination. Somewhere between these lame shots of Christmas morning and Friday when we left, I also lost misplaced my camera.

lame photos before the mysterious camera disappearance of 2008

Add that, to the fact, that my mother decided, three days before Christmas, to buy herself a new flat screen TV. The exact same TV I'd purchased the week before as her Christmas present from my sister and I. EVEN THOUGH MY SISTER TOLD HER BEFORE SHE BOUGHT IT THAT WE WERE GIVING IT TO HER FOR CHRISTMAS!!!! (And you guys thought I was just being a little emotional about her.)

Barbs cooked a fabulous brisket and dinner and my oldest brother stopped by for a visit. (No pictures, due to the lost camera and Barbs' camera is broken. ) We also got to visit with my niece and her boyfriend and my pilot nephew. The kids are growing up and I just don't see them too much anymore.

Damn, I feel old.

We did bring the Wii up to Barbs' and hooked it up. My sister and I went through all the games and tried them out. We were laughing like school girls until 4 am. There is a air hockey game on the Wii Play disc that had us in hysterics because we are both such spazzes we kept hitting the puck in our own goal. After playing that a few thousand times (and laughing so hard we woke up Salty, sleeping on the couch) we started playing a goat racing game. Holy crap, we were off on another fit of laughing and we could not stop. I haven't laughed that hard in such a long time. I am sure my mother and husband thought we'd lost our minds. And we both were stone sober.

Before we left on Sunday, we went out and got Barbs a new camera and I will be returning the computer stuff (which she also bought before Christmas) and the TV.

Now, if I can just get Salty to reconnect the Wii at home, I'll be all set.

Anyone up for a Wii discussion???


  1. Sounds like you had a great time with your sister. Most of my laughing is done when I am with mine.

  2. So how many Wii friends have you created? Or did you just make your players? We have a whole bunch of friends as well as ourselves.
    If you don't already have all the accessories (the wheel, the tennis rackets, extra nunchucks and remotes)you soon will. It is necessary for all the people who will want to play with you when they come over.
    It is amazing how much fun you can have with this because you actually feel as if you are doing the activity.
    We played the olympics game and you actually run in place and spin when you throw the shotput, row the kayak,swim, etc. Amazing!

  3. The beans just cackle at me when I attrempt to play the wii-they threaten to send me in to Americas funniest videos-so now I only play incognito-yanno big hat,sunglasses etc...

    Sounds like you had a great time

  4. I love my Wii!!! My favorite games are the Raving Rabbids (Rayman), they are all warped and I love them!
    Dance Dance Revolution is cool too but I don't think I'm wired that way, you know, the way it takes to actually play on a different level than beginner - months and months after you started playing.
    If you have it connected to the internet give me a yell and I'll send you my console number so we can be mini-me friends lol
    Later Gator... Oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  5. hahahaha...oh I can just see you and Barbs out there playing the Wii and hitting your Air Hockey pucks in YOUR own goal! Do that all the time BTW...I LOVE THE TARGET shooting on Wii Play! :)

  6. I have Wii envy. And I would be so ticked at my mom if I were you. That TV would be the last thing I ever bought her.

  7. Gosh dontcha love the Wii. My new fave is Big Brain Academy. I like it cuz it proves I AM smarter than the hubby :) Besides, it makes me feel smarterer ;)

    All in all, we play the Bowling the most. And to see my 6-yo play tennis is hilarious. She jumps all over the place and grunts when she hits the ball. I get a workout just laughing at her.


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