Wednesday, December 31, 2008

And the Oscar goes to....

Before the new year rolls around and I am starting off the new year in terrible form, I have some housecleaning to do.

Tiffany tagged me for this sweet little award.

She was passing it on to those who stuck by her "even when I'm not up to blogging par" (her words). Boy, I feel like that all the time. All of you still following along, this award is for you. I can't pick just six.

So here goes (in no particular order):
Vodka Mom

I hope I didn't forget anyone. Back at ya Tiff! Thanks so much! Sorry it took so long to get to it.

I got tagged with this from Lisa at Jujuboo

The "rules" are:
*List six things that make you happy.
*Pass the award on to 5 other bloggers
*Link back to the person who gave you the award.
*Link to the people you are passing it on to and leave them a comment to let them know.

6 things that make me happy:
1. The ocean and the wind in my hair.
2. Friends
3. Sleeping In
4. Traveling
5. my DVR & skipping over commercials
6. my sister's remission

The bloggers I am passing this on to are:

Thanks bunches Lisa, I love the fact that you are just a hop, skip and a jump across the alley. We need to have lunch the next Wannado excursion. (BTW - I think someone else tagged me for this and I did not immediately Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V it into a draft. I am truly sorry for my poor manners. Please remind me so that I can thank you properly!)

Finally, Jess tagged me with a meme called Flickr 6 of 6. The point is to go to page six photo six of your Flickr photostream and then post it.

I don't have a Flickr account and since my photos are now strewn across the computer, I will find the sixth photo folder with six or more photos and post that.

Two years ago at the Lazy Bear Lodge in Valle Crucis, NC.
Thank goodness, you can't see my giant rear.

Now to catch up on my Reader
(the lying son of a .......)


  1. Congrats on your awards. Even tho I haven't been here long they are well deserved I'm sure.

  2. Just wanted to wish you peace, prosperity and good health in 2009. Happy New Year! I am so glad we have reconnected and look forward to meeting Todd one day soon, I hope!

  3. Thanks for the tags, Bit-, I mean, Binksie!!! (I hate these things as much as you!) I am so glad you got the Wii, too! We can get skinny together and wii our pants off. Just saying it makes me giggle.

  4. Have a safe and happy 2009. I love ya and am so glad we are buds!!!!

  5. Hey, thanks for the award! You're so sweet! Hope you had a great Christmas and are having a fabulous New Year's!

  6. You are such a good bloggy friend. Plus, yeah for your awards!!!! *clink*

  7. Congrats on your awards!!! and TY for the tags I am horrible at adding these forgive me now please

  8. Thanks, bloggy buddy, for the awards!

  9. Congrats to you! And thanks for thinking of me. I just have to post these awards soon. I am terrible at procrastinating.

  10. Where r u? I need my fix!

  11. Ok - just got back from Vegas so I'm catching up here - I'm totally accepting the awards with huge THANK YOU's to you and I will post and follow instructions soon, ok??? Good to be back. However, lay off news comes tomorrow. Shit.

  12. Hey thanks for the award!!

    Ill let ya know the next time we head over to Wannado :)

  13. 1. Captain Jack Sparrow
    2. Vampires
    3. My dogs :-)
    4. Cheese for dessert
    5. coffee
    6. Finding new blogs I like (like yours!)

  14. Hey Janet! Welcome!
    I love me some Johnny Depp (he's a homeboy). I look forward to reading more from your blog.


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