Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunny Sunday

Well hello boys and girls, I am finally caught up in my reader. I am not so happy with the Google Reader as it has been skipping some very interesting and funny stuff. And I'm all about the fun. (so excuse me if I missed a post, I swear it is not my fault)
So, I am not sure if I should just go back to my old method of just visiting and commenting instead of trusting Google to provide me with my blog manna. What do you guys use?

I am really not inspired by anything today and should probably write about the glorious sunny warm day.

OK, you twisted my arm, but just a little.

We drove down to the beach today and on the way, we filled up my tank. Gas was $1.98/gal. WOOHOO!!!

We had lunch at the Casablanca Cafe a 1920's Mediterannean Revival style house that has been converted to a quaint cafe and piano bar. Being right across the street from the beach, it has great views.

I have eaten here for dinner several times and the food has always been excellent. (I especially love the upstairs balcony at night)

For lunch?
Meh. (now an actual word in the dictionary, by the way)

But you can't beat the view, so I think I may give it another chance so day in the future.

This is the beach right across from the restaurant. Great view, right?? For all of y'all in those cold, cold places: can't you just feel the ocean breeze in your hair?

The really funny part? Look closely at that lamp post. Do you see the evergreen wrap around the post and the red bow at the top? This is Christmas decorating - City of Fort Lauderdale style.

That is pretty much all there is to tell, the rest was just boring errands and cleaning and stuff.

And how was your Sunday???

Peace Out

(MsMel, I have not heard from you for a while. Are you still around? How is that FTLK? Busy with all the choir stuff, I am sure. Just a little shout out to let you know I was thinking of you. Leave me a comment - don't make me come up there.)

I forgot to tell you, you should go visit 5 minutes for Mom they are giving away tons of great stuff.

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  1. Oh, I wish I could come to Florida and visit you sometime. Never been there. I know it is absolutely beautiful I like the Texas Coast beach and have only been there once. I grew up in the Texas panhandle and grew up going to the mountains which is a wonderful experience also. But I love the beach. Your pictures are lovely. I had a great time visiting you today. GinGIn

  2. Looks like a lovely Sunday. I spent mine lounging all day and doing absolutely nothing. Which was also lovely in its own way.

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  4. Oh my god. I hate upstate new york.'ve been tagged, only if you want to play.

  5. OK, now you have made me homesick:(
    Wish I could be there to see you. It is getting too cold here for me, I am a wimp! We are all ok, too busy for me. I am really trying to get into the Christmas spirit but am too exhausted to do so. FTLK is very busy, boy's choir Singing Christmas Tree and additional holiday performances, school Christmas program and getting ready for his "mini" tour to FL the beginning of January. I am working my real estate and substituting in the schools. Have you heard from KRB? Please let me know when he gets on up and running again. Talk soon, thanks for checking on me.

  6. OMGosh those pix are breath taking!!!

    I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. I want to come for lunch!!! Damn I'm jealous!!!

  8. So, about the garland on the lamp post. My daughter was just complaining yesterday about people who already have their Christmas stuff out. She thinks it looks "hideous" without snow. I told her to imagine those same decorations in a warm place.

    When Christmas time comes around will you please share some of the outside decorations with photos? We're really curious as to how a Snowman or Santa theme fits in with palm trees.


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