Friday, November 28, 2008

Simple Times - FX4

Since Thanksgiving is now over, and we are now in the turn towards the holiday season, I figured I would post a happy memory from Christmas past.

A time when it was just Cab and I against the world and since he was little, his Christmas list was just toys and books with an emphasis on Power Rangers.

In this pic, we are at some friends' house and he got a karate gi. He immediately put it on and amazed us with his karate forms. (all of which he learned from the aforementioned Power Rangers). He still has those things boxed away in the warehouse somewhere. Any collectors?

FX4 Brought to you by Candid Carrie
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  1. He is so cute! What a great memory:-)

  2. What a great foto of a happy boy!
    Just LOVE this holiday season!
    Happy Friday!

  3. How adorable! :) I love memory fridays!

  4. He's so cute, and don't give away those things, keep them for any future grandchildren!!! I still have some stuff of when I was young (my mum used to say I was silly keeping it all), but my kids today just love it when I dress them something that was mine even if it's just for dressing up!!!

  5. What a great picture! I love looking back on past Christmas'...


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