Saturday, November 1, 2008

I am NOT a vampire, blood is not funny.

This poor kid would never last in a vampire family. I wonder how he did with all that Halloween blood.

He is awfully cute and funny.

Will post more photos from our little party last night when my head stops spinning.


  1. lol, I wonder if kids think that their parents are insane. BLOOD! IT"S NOT FUNNY! love it!

  2. My freakzoid kids have this saved on their computer and play it all the time. BlooDDD.

  3. Well, in this case blood is pretty funny... lol

  4. that is SO funny! I saw that somewhere, I just CAN'T remember where! It's just as funny now!!!!

  5. Even though he was yelling like a little brat :) I still wanted to kiss his cute dimpled cheeks! :)

  6. and thats the last we heard of the father .....EVER...I hear that little tyke opened up a resort called Camp Crystal Lake.


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