Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Party '08

We went to Webber's for a Halloween Party.

This woman is Martha Stewart Junior. She has crazy decorations everywhere and a million candles and tons of food. Everyone drinks and eats and then it is trick or treating time. This year the Beekeeper and I just did one "dead" end street and then let went back to Party Central for more cocktails and quiet. Got to see more Trick or Treaters that way.

There seem to be a lot of Dorothy & her ruby slipper costumes this year. I was surprised that there were no McCain-Obama costumes. The funniest was a young boy about 12-13 that was dressed like Reno 911 with super short shorts. Somehow, I never got a photo of that. Very Clever.
I think the only scary costumes we saw were from our party! Webber was wielding a nasty pitchfork that she kept hitting and stabbing people with. I have some nasty bruises in my little bee throat. She seemed to think the beekeeper would save me, but he wasn't messing with her. She is freakishly strong and after a few cocktails, ornery as well.

All in all, we had a fun time and the kids got lots of candy. Lucky for me, I have no little ones to tempt me with a boatload of candy.


  1. I bet that Reno costume was great. How clever. I never can think of interesting things like that.

  2. Those were great! I loved the bee costume.

  3. we had plenty of Obama and McCain at our school- and we ALWAYS have plenty of Dorothy's. She's just so popular. Those shoes are to die for, aren't they??

  4. The costumes are great - my favorite is the little gangsta!! He is pimpin that suit out!

  5. Sorry elfman but you can't be a demon without the horns! lol

  6. Wow, you've got some really serious costumes for Halloween. Glad you enjoyed the party!

  7. Too funny with the Reno 911 costume!

  8. Love the politician costume. That is dang funny.

  9. The pictures are so cute! That guy is way too big to be an elf!! It looks like everyone had a marvelous time :)

  10. SARA DANE!!!!
    We had fun but it would've been more fun if you and Ronnie T were there!
    Shoot, I can't say Ronnie T without thinking about "the man who goes thru turnstyle sideways is going to bangkok.
    Fun times!

  11. Love that slideshow, especially the piano! How fun!

  12. Where the heck have you been? Come back!


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