Monday, October 20, 2008

More freak me out events

Post # 2 in the great 2008 Halloween freak-out.

My next experience involves the same house as
here. The house was a split tri-level house with the main living & dining room and the original master bedroom and bath for the house on the middle floor.

Now my dad's girlfriend MsB was a music and piano teacher and in one corner of the living room was a baby grand piano. If you sat at the piano and played, you faced the corner and the living room window. However, your back faced the rest of the room and dining room.

Well, many days I would be the first one home from school and would practice my piano. One day, I was doing just that when I heard footsteps on the wooden staircase. I half expected my dad to be there listening to me practice (which he sometimes did and because he was sort of a traveling salesman, it was not unusual for him to pop home in the afternoon). Much to my surprise, there was no one there. Then, I heard footsteps upstairs and thought someone had just walked up the stairs and I'd just "missed" them. So, I went to see who was home.

I checked everywhere and there was no one home.

I just brushed it off as nothing and went back to the piano. I practiced for some time but could not shake the "being watched" feeling and it was making me a little nervous. When I heard rustling sounds coming from our bedroom, I high tailed it into my dad's room (in the new construction) and locked the door.

After that, although I practiced often in the afternoon with no incident, I would never stay alone in that part of the house at night. Also, if I was sitting at the piano and ever felt the "being watched" feeling, I was so outa there.

Recently, after learning a little more about this kind of stuff, they say that that feeling is caused by strong electromagnetic fields. But over 25 years ago, there were no computers and very few electronics found in this area of the house, plus this room had a 15' pitched ceiling with no attic. I am inclined to refute that theory, in this case.

It seemed that all the strange activity in the house was confined to this half of the house. I never even whispered my fears or experiences to my family, but recently, I've heard stories from D#1 about scary things that happened to her in the house. But these experiences just whet my appitite to find answers the these things unexplained.


  1. I have heard footsteps on my stairs when I lived in my old house built in 1920. THEN I found out it had been used as a funeral parlor for two months after the old one burned down. eeeeeee!!!!! I am telling GEORGIE at Deisionally Challenged about this. She LOVES this stuff, too and has some GREAT stories!!!

  2. I do LOVE this kinda stuff-but I admit it freaks my freak out-Why I have a gift like this is beyond me cuz i am such a chicken...I am going to read your linked post and get caught up

  3. It is weird hearing footsteps at night. My welsh friends rented an old farmhouse in Gozo this summer and they swear they heard someone walking around at night making the sound flipflops make on tiled floor. They ended up spending the rest of their holiday at my house (there was 7 of them), only going back to Gozo to pack the rest of their stuff on the day they were leaving :)

  4. They say that when you start to redo or add to an old house like that, sometimes it disturbs spirits for some reason.
    Do you ever watch Paranormal State on A&E? It's on every Monday night and totally freaks me out. On Tuesdays I'm like a zombie cus I stay up so late past my bedtime to watch it lol I LOVE this stuff! .

  5. I think the feeling of "being watched" is because you're being watched. Creeps me out.


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