Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Our day started out here at our sometimes breakfast place on the beach.

The beach was not very crowded because it was overcast and off and on light showers. Nice and windy to keep the sweat and stick away.

Then we took a little ride down Las Olas Boulevard , sort of a ritzy, tourist area. The first bridge to the beach was built on this road.

So I took some photos with my phone to show a little bit of where I grew up.

We drove around and looked at the houses for sale. But of course the ones in this area are all 800k and up so it was more look and dream then actually look to buy.
From there it was Tarjey & home to watch a movie. Salty bought the latest Indiana Jones flick.
Meh. A little too hokey with the whole alien thing.
I guess I should talk to cousin George about that. Ha!


  1. Mmm-kay, we have autumn leaves and you have breakfast on the beach, we are the luckiest people alive I'm thinking...

  2. looking at these pictures reminds me of how much I need a vacation. I envy that you live in this paradise!

  3. That's like living in vacation land all year round. Beautiful!!


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