Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Middle of the week blahs

Well it has been a busy week. We started out on Sunday laying wood floors in the dining room and living room. Whoa - slow going. The kitchen is mostly complete. We just have the little things to finish up. Installing toe kicks, caulking, filling in nail holes /covering screws, installing base boards, painting above those deep cabinets in the corners. Any ideas on getting those corners anyone? Our arms just don't reach. Yes, I know, we should have painted BEFORE we installed the cabinets. Hindsight - hindsight. Oh yeah, that picture reminds me, put the glass in those cabinets and remove all the junk. Notice the painters tape lodged in the right side. And how about those wood floors?? Jaybird, my brother, does not like them. But I think they are great. At least they look pretty good, except for the large gaps between boards (cuz they are all different widths, read - "quality control problems") and the glue that is squished up between some boards. Maybe we are overanalyzing too much.
Here is the kitchen before. Those of you on my kodak email list are WELL familiar with these photos. I have now banned magnets and photos on my new fridge. Salty is very happy about that! The kitchen is quite a change and I LOVE it!! Lots of hard work but after 20 years (or thereabouts) I was SO ready for the change. But, OH BOY, if you could see the rest of my house! Can anyone say "train wreck"?

My sidekick at work is on vacation and I am all alone all week. I don't know if that is good or bad, but I have been getting lots done with few distractions (if you can call a constant stream of phone calls from prospective employees - few distractions). But Wed. are particularly tough because it is the day we submitt payroll. Now, this would not be so bad, but of course, I waited 'til the last minute and am not the usual task master of payroll. I waded through the paperwork and got it done on time (with a few hundred multi-tasks in between). Going in early has been a bear, but I have been getting up and actually getting there on time or before!!! I think the tardiness goes with the whole procrastination thing. So the rest of the week at work should be a piece of cake.

And then, the (hear ominous music) weekend. Another weekend of laying floors, lots of glue, cursing, and hard work. Well, I guess I can't complain too much, it HAS only been 8 weeks since we started, and the kitchen is functional. When we crack the 8 month mark, I will be calling the contractors in.

How is every one else's week going?? Leave me a comment and if I can figure it out, I may reply. -L


  1. what a long, drawn out, load of crap. who cares??

  2. A - bite me.... go somewhere else!

  3. What a transformation! It looks like you had a professional makeover. The floors are great, the cabinets are great -- it's an awesome kitchen!!


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