Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Limping along

I knew the minute I started this, it would cure my insomnia. Works like a dream. Couldn't sleep. Now that I have something to do other than watch TV, can't stay awake.
This past Sunday we moved all kinds of furniture around to work on the wood floors. All seemed fine and dandy except for the normal, I am old and my body is complaining aches and pains from hard labor. Monday morning I woke up and my ankle (foot) was killing me. I could hardly walk on it. I went to work and after walking on it all day, it felt terrible. I can't remember twisting it or hitting it, but it was awful. Cab said he would carry me downstairs. On his back. That was awfully thoughtful of him, but can you imagine?? He is like a living toothpick and I am, well, lets just say I am not. It has been hurting for a couple days, but it is feeling the teensyist bit better today. All you hypochondriacs just save it. I will seek medical attention if it is not better by next week.
It is hump day so the weekend is coming and we are going up to see my sister and her new condo. Hurray for her! She is house sitting at this old Victorian house that is really cool. I will take some pictures. Oh yeah, hurray for me, no remodeling this weekend!!

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