Thursday, July 10, 2008


Just went down to clean up dinner dishes. Salty made a lovely dinner so I had to clean up. What a super hubby! He likes to cook and is a darn good one. Anyway, went down and my kookie cat was all splayed across the shoes (he has a serious shoe fetish). I went to pet him and of course he has to do it his way. He has to ram his head into your hand instead of just letting you pet him. Or if you are petting him, he hisses at you. He is such a weirdo. He must have issues with abandonment. Salty calls him Bootsinschwagin. I call him Boots bin laden. He is a terrorist kitty and will not leave poor Phoebe alone. She is a typical cat and only comes around when she wants food or attention. She is always swatting at Boots, she hates him.

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